How to say break in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for break? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for break
romper verb
break down, smash, break off, shatter, snap
la rotura noun
breakage, breaking, smash
la pausa noun
pause, stop, rest, interval, interlude
romperse verb
break up, fall apart, come apart
quebrar verb
crack, bust, smash, go bust, tear
la interrupción noun
interruption, stop, failure, halting, pause
el corte noun
cutting, court, section, hack, haircut
la oportunidad noun
opportunity, chance, occasion, shot, advisability
el recreo noun
recreation, recess, playtime, relaxation
la separación noun
separation, detachment, parting, division, breakup
el cambio noun
change, exchange, shift, changing, switch
interrumpir verb
interrupt, disrupt, discontinue, halt, cut off, disturb
la abertura noun
opening, aperture, gap, slit, vent
salir verb
leave, get out, go out, go, come out, depart
el claro noun
clearing, glade, gap, rift, opening
cortar verb
cut, cut off, cut out, chop, slice
quebrarse verb
rupture, leak
partir verb
depart, go, split, start off, set out
el espacio noun
space, room, gap, spacing, clearance
el comienzo noun
beginning, start, onset, commencement, starting, outset
la cesura noun
separarse verb
separate, part, break away, break up, break off
abrir verb
open, open up, start, cut open, unfold
terminar verb
end, finish, complete, end up, terminate
abandonar verb
leave, abandon, give up, drop, quit, drop out
deshacer verb
undo, unpack, break up, tear, smash
superar verb
overcome, surpass, pass, get over, conquer
estallar verb
burst, explode, blow up, outbreak, break out
cesar verb
cease, stop, end, terminate, let up
la huida noun
flight, escape, desertion, bolt, scurry
quebrantar verb
undermine, shake, disrupt, shatter, tear
cambiar verb
change, switch, shift, exchange, alter, turn
liberarse verb
destrozar verb
shatter, tear apart, trash, ravage, bust
partirse verb
split, split up, leak
violar verb
violate, rape, breach, abuse, ravish
vencer verb
overcome, beat, defeat, win, conquer
batir verb
churn, flap, cream, whip up, whir
empezar verb
start, begin, get, start off, commence, initiate
reventar verb
burst, blow up, blow out
la tacada noun
descifrar verb
decipher, decode, figure out, unravel, unscramble, break a code
acabar con verb
kill, do away with, finish, destroy, remove
alterar verb
alter, change, disturb, upset
domar verb
fugarse verb
escape, leak, abscond
brotar verb
sprout, spring, burst forth, well, leap up
saltarse verb
skip, skip over, start, live up, short-circuit
roturar verb
tear, tear up, leak, throw over, plough up
ausentarse verb
absent, stay away, absent oneself, truant, cut
estropearse verb
break down, spoil, get damaged, go bad, deteriorate
arruinar verb
ruin, wreck, mess up, bankrupt, blight
incumplir verb
flout, tear up, throw over
amortiguar verb
cushion, absorb, muffle, soften, deaden, mute
apuntar verb
point, aim, record, write down, jot down, register
acabarse verb
run out, finish, terminate, peter out
infringir verb
infringe, contravene, transgress, trespass, tear
faltar verb
lack, fail, fall short, default, go back on, let down
degradar verb
degrade, downgrade, demote, demean, debase
reventarse verb
prick, leak
dispersarse verb
scatter, break up, melt away, fan
desencadenarse verb
burst, rage, leak
el cambio de dirección noun
desviarse verb
deviate, detour, turn, turn off, turn aside
saberse verb
get out, get about
moderar verb
moderate, temper, dampen, restrain, damp
hacerse pedazos verb
shatter, break up, smash, leak
debilitarse verb
weaken, become weak, decline, fail, soften
abatir verb
bring down, cast down, demolish, beat down
hacerse trozos verb
cascarse verb
crack, leak
desvencijar verb
mudar verb
move, change, shed, slough, molt
revelarse verb
unfold, come out, transpire
resolverse verb
resolve, work out, settle, brace up, scavenge
hacer quebrar verb
bankrupt, tear, leak
torcerse verb
sprain, skew, spring
amansar verb
tame, reclaim
sofocar verb
stifle, suffocate, put down, choke, quench, put out
no acudir verb
keep away, leak
la baja noun
hacer libre verb
liberate, let out, disengage, extricate, loose
llegar a saberse verb
leak out
desplegar verb
deploy, display, unfold, expand, open, unfurl
comunicarse verb
comunicar verb
communicate, report, inform, notify, convey, impart
divulgarse verb
leak out, get out, get about
salir sin ganar ni perder verb
mejorar verb
improve, enhance, upgrade, get better, raise, improve on
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