How to say put off in Spanish

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for put off
aplazar verb
postpone, defer, delay, adjourn, hold over
posponer verb
postpone, carry over, leave over, hold over
desanimar verb
discourage, dampen, dishearten, despond, damp
disuadir verb
deter, dissuade, discourage, outargue, talk out
alejar verb
remove, move away, alienate, keep away, avert
apagar verb
turn off, put out, blow out, turn out, douse
quitarse verb
take off, shed, pull off, wash off, doff
intimidar verb
intimidate, scare, get at, trouble
salir verb
leave, get out, go out, go, come out, depart
dejar para después verb
put off
desconcertar verb
disconcert, puzzle, baffle, confuse, mystify
engañar verb
deceive, fool, cheat, trick, mislead
quitar de la cabeza verb
put off
desviar verb
divert, deviate, turn aside, ward off, look away
dar asco verb
put off
hacer fallar verb
put off
deshacerse de un rato verb
shake off, dispose of
hacerse a la mar verb
put to sea, put out
dejar sobre verb
leave over, leave behind, put down, set down, put aside
cansar verb
tire, weary, fatigue, tire out, wear down, fag
aplazar una cita con verb
put off
entretener verb
entertain, amuse, keep, occupy, distract
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