How to say shoot in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for shoot? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for shoot
disparar verb
fire, discharge, loose off
el lanzamiento noun
launch, release, launching, throwing, throw
tirar verb
pull, throw, throw away, throw out, discard
filmar verb
el brote noun
outbreak, bud, sprout, upsurge, burgeon
fotografiar verb
photograph, photo, film
lanzar verb
launch, throw, release, pitch, send
matar verb
kill, slay, murder, slaughter, destroy
tirar a verb
fusilar verb
pegar un tiro verb
cazar verb
hunt, chase, get, bag, go after, prowl
el retoño noun
sprout, offshoot, scion, burgeon
chutar verb
arrojar verb
throw, cast, give, dump, fling
echar verb
cast, throw, put, lay, pour
la caza noun
hunting, hunt, game, chase, shooting
marcar verb
mark, dial, score, set, tick, check off
brotar verb
sprout, spring, burst forth, well, leap up
correrse verb
come, blot, move along
soltar verb
drop, release, loosen, loose, free, disengage
correr verb
run, flow, hurry, chase, draw, slide
herir verb
hurt, injure, wound, strike, smite
el cogollo noun
la cacería noun
hunting, hunt, shooting party, meet
crecer verb
grow, grow up, increase, rise, swell, wax
salvar verb
save, salvage, rescue, salve
precipitarse verb
rush, precipitate, plunge, dash, swoop
el rápido noun
rapid, rapids, riffle, fasting, express train
verter verb
empty, tip, slop, tip out
echar brotes verb
la punzada noun
stitch, twinge, jab, pricking
los ejercicio de tiro noun
el vertedero noun
dump, tip, chute, rubbish dump
entallecer verb
dar punzadas verb
tender verb
tend, lay, extend, spread, lay out, put out
poner una inyección verb
tomar la altura de verb
el tobogán noun
slide, toboggan, chute, helter-skelter
el aliviadero noun
las carrera rápida noun
el rebote hacia adelante noun
el coto de caza noun
el plano inclinado noun
sobresalir verb
excel, protrude, bulge, jut, shine
concurso de tiro al blanco noun
shooting match
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