How to say shape in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for shape? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for shape
la forma noun
form, way, pattern, likeness, turn
dar forma verb
formar verb
form, train, educate, make up, marshal
conformar verb
modelar verb
model, fashion, pattern, exemplify
la figura noun
figure, form, frame
el perfil noun
profile, outline, side face
la silueta noun
silhouette, profile
el aspecto noun
aspect, appearance, look, side, point, regard
la condición noun
condition, proviso, state, requirement, term
el tipo noun
type, kind, sort, guy, fellow
el molde noun
mold, cast, die, matrix, mould
el bulto noun
package, lump, bundle, bulge, bump
formarse verb
form, train, conceive, turn out
la horma noun
last, form, block, tree, boot-tree
la hechura noun
workmanship, making, creature, confection
determinar verb
determine, establish, decide, define
construir verb
build, construct, erect, set up, put up, rig up
tomar forma verb
take shape
formular verb
formulate, frame, state, article
concebir verb
conceive, envisage, form
amoldar verb
mold, fashion, mould
la aparición noun
appearance, apparition, emergence, occurrence
labrar verb
work, till, carve, farm, hew
tallar verb
cut, incise
prometer verb
promise, pledge, vow, undertake, give one's word
desarrollarse verb
develop, grow, make progress, burgeon, come on
suceder verb
happen, occur, come about, befall
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