How to say take on in Spanish

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More Spanish words for take on
asumir verb
assume, take, take over, put on
tomar verb
take, have, drink, catch, take up
aceptar verb
accept, take, agree, embrace, take up
realizar verb
perform, carry out, do, realize, accomplish, achieve
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
emprender verb
undertake, start, launch, take up, set out
encargarse de verb
handle, take charge of, undertake, take over, look after
contratar verb
hire, contract, engage, sign on
cargar verb
load, charge, upload, carry, load up
cargar con verb
shoulder, pick up
coger verb
take, catch, get, pick, pick up
jugar contra verb
ganar verb
win, earn, gain, make, get, beat
tomar sobre sí verb
take on
quedarse con verb
retain, hold on to, touch
agarrar verb
grab, grasp, grip, catch, hold
cuajar verb
set, jell, congeal, thicken, settle
ponerse en moda verb
take on
ponerse de moda verb
come in
apurarse verb
hurry, hurry up, worry, fret, toil
ponerse nervioso verb
take on
robar algo verb
take, touch, plunder
haberse con verb
take on
unirse contra verb
join forces with
estar de acuerdo verb
agree, conform, coincide, see eye to eye with
establecerse verb
settle, set up, settle down, establish oneself, set up in business
acordarse verb
quejarse verb
complain, moan, grumble, groan, gripe, whimper
limpiarse verb
wash, clean out, clean oneself, preen
excitarse verb
get excited, get worked up
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take on board
tener en cuenta
take verb, noun
tomar, toma, llevar, seguir, aprovechar
on adjective, preposition
en, sobre, acerca de, encendido, encima de
take on lease
tomar en alquiler
take on loan
tomar en préstamo
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