How to say handle in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for handle? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for handle
manejar verb
manage, drive, operate, use, run
los mango noun
mango, shaft, shank, handgrip, haft
manija noun
asa noun
bail, handgrip, ear
la empuñadura noun
grip, hilt, handgrip, start
manipular verb
manipulate, manage, maneuver, fiddle, wangle
la palanca noun
lever, leverage, toggle, crowbar, pry
el tirador noun
shooter, door handle, trigger, bellpull, catapult
encargarse de verb
take charge of, undertake, take over, take on, look after
tocar verb
touch, play, perform, contact, ring
maniobrar verb
maneuver, work, manoeuvre
el asidero noun
grip, hold, handgrip, holder, belay
conducir verb
lead, drive, conduct, bring, steer
las manivela noun
crank, handgrip
el manubrio noun
handlebar, crank, handgrip
manosear verb
tamper, thumb, paw, finger, tinker
el puño noun
fist, hilt, handgrip, wristband, haft
tratar en verb
serve, talk down, tear
gobernar verb
govern, rule, control, steer, sail
la cacha noun
cheek, bottom
el palo noun
stick, club, pole, wood, staff, spar
tocar con la mano verb
el pretexto noun
pretext, excuse, plea, pretence
la oreja noun
ear, lug, tab, flap
saber dominar verb
comerciar en verb
el grado noun
degree, grade, extent, rank, stage, point
el título noun
title, degree, heading, caption, qualification, name
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de preposition, conjunction, adverb
from, of, by, with, than
encargarse verb
take charge, take over, take upon
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