How to say wash in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for wash? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for wash
el lavado noun
washing, abstersion
lavar verb
rinse, launder, wash out, wash down, wash up
lavarse verb
wash up, bathe, freshen, freshen up, lave
la colada noun
laundry, washing
el baño noun
bath, toilet, washroom, tub, bathtub
el enjuague noun
rinse, rinsing, mouthwash
la capa noun
layer, capa, coat, coating, cloak, cape
limpiar verb
clean, clean up, clear, cleanse, wipe
la pintura noun
painting, paint, picture, paintwork, brushwork
fregar verb
scrub, mop, scour, rub, wash up
bañar verb
bathe, bath, dip, suffuse, imbrue
la ropa para lavar noun
el champú noun
shampoo, dandruff
lavar la ropa verb
bañarse verb
bathe, bath
los remolinos noun
la ropa sucia noun
laundry, castoffs
limpiarse verb
clean out, clean oneself, preen, take on
el lavazas noun
llevar verb
carry, take, bring, lead, wear, bear
moverse verb
move, travel, stir, shift, budge, move over
los despojos noun
llevarse verb
get, take away, win, carry away, carry off
dar capa verb
chapotear verb
splash, paddle, dabble, squelch, puddle
el disturbio noun
disturbance, disorder, turmoil, trouble, commotion
el tendido noun
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