How to say clear in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for clear? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for clear
claro adjective
light, plain, bright, apparent, evident
despejar verb
limpiar verb
clean, clean up, cleanse, wipe, clean out
aclarar verb
clarify, rinse, clear up, brighten, lighten
despejado adjective
fair, cloudless, clean
claramente adverb
clearly, plainly, sharply, plain, transparently
transparente adjective
transparent, filmy, gauzy, see-through
manifiesto adjective
manifest, apparent, obvious, naked
limpio adjective
clean, fair, cleanly, tidy, net
clarificar verb
clarify, illuminate, refine, settle
neto adjective
net, clean, clear-cut
lúcido adjective
lucid, pellucid, displayed
absoluto adjective
absolute, complete, utter, sheer, perfect
expreso adjective
express, specific, exact, fast
desbrozar verb
desalojar verb
evict, dislodge, oust, move out, empty
purificar verb
purify, purge, refine
absolver verb
absolve, acquit, release, let off
desatascar verb
unblock, free, unstop
purgar verb
purge, drain, vent
penetrante adjective
penetrating, pervasive, piercing, sharp, penetrative
Zafar verb
saltar por encima de verb
jump over, jump, leapfrog, leap, take
invalidar verb
invalidate, void, override, negate, nullify
desescombrar verb
dig out, clear out
la falta de deudas noun
pasar por un banco verb
tranquillo adjective
entero adjective
whole, entire, complete, integral, total
completo adjective
full, complete, entire, finished, thorough, total
desembarazarse verb
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