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What is the opposite of send?

Need antonyms for send? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to arrange for the delivery of, especially by post
“You will receive your package in fifteen days.”
(catch) Opposite of to throw or hurl with force
“If a fielder can catch the ball in the stands, it will be considered legally caught, and the batsman will be called out.”
(refrain) Opposite of to throw or hurl with force
“If a quarterback begins a passing motion, they can decide to refrain passing the ball and tuck it in against their body and retain possession.”
Opposite of to order or instruct to go, or come, to a particular destination or in a particular direction
“Desperate to save his city, he decided to withdraw forces from the Far East, where he had been awaiting a possible offensive from the enemy.”
Opposite of to cause to be in a specified state
“Elwood created a media campaign to curb mental illness before it required institutionalization or to help people avoid its onset altogether.”
Opposite of to send or transmit something electronically
“Later that day, I receive a text message from Kristina asking if I was ok.”
(slang, dated) Opposite of to affect with powerful emotion
“Too many talking heads may also bore the audience.”
Opposite of to emit or give off
“Most closet dehumidifiers are wireless and use salt, silica gel, or other materials to absorb moisture that is in the air.”
Opposite of to throw or launch something in a given direction
Opposite of to throw or launch something in a given direction with force
Opposite of to throw or fling an object or projectile
Opposite of to transmit a signal over the airwaves
Opposite of to transfer data to a computer or device
Opposite of to dispatch or send (a document or goods)
“Early biographers claim that he then attended Lincoln's Inn, but the Inn's archives retain no record of him.”
Opposite of to exert force or pressure on
“Her school bag was so heavy that she had to place it on the ground and pull it all the way to the car.”
Opposite of to make contact or communication with
Disregard any entries you deem to be irrelevant or inappropriate.”
Opposite of to move (someone or something) from one place to another
“I leave the first lot of passengers at the resort and then return to the Bay to pick up the remaining tourists.”
Opposite of to bring to an undesirable state
“Keeping the ice cream in the freezer will prevent it from melting.”
(typically military) Opposite of to assign (someone) to a specific task
“Individuals who are released following their last hearing must undergo the administrative procedures that formally dismiss the soldier from the military.”
Opposite of to travel from one point to another without physically crossing the distance between the two points
Opposite of to place or transfer someone to a given location or position
(usually sports) Opposite of to hit, kick or throw something (usually a ball) extremely high
“The goalkeeper would deflect the ball away from the goal skillfully.”
Opposite of to put send or confine (someone) to prison or a psychiatric hospital
Opposite of to delight, or to give pleasure or satisfaction to
“The room had become deathly quiet, each crew member standing erectly as not to further displease their captain.”
Opposite of to strike or propel, usually forcibly, with the foot
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