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What is the opposite of find?

Need antonyms for find? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to discover or locate something, either by chance or intention
“To misplace a presidential badge of office for a couple of days may be unfortunate.”
Opposite of to recover something that has been misplaced, stolen, or hidden away
“Are you sure you cannot trust me to hide the Infinity Stones from Thanos?”
Opposite of to attain or achieve
“If I surrender my search for love now, I don't think I'll feel a shred of regret.”
Opposite of to muster or summon up an emotion or quality
“After manifesting his internal emotional turmoil, he finally had to yield, and watch a romantic comedy with his girlfriend.”
Opposite of to be aware
“Despite the warning signs, he chose to ignore them and proceed past the barrier.”
Opposite of to consider
“I disregard any rigid or mechanical rule in policy-making.”
Opposite of to receive a particular treatment
“If you avoid making mistakes, you will never learn from them.”
Opposite of to obtain or attain successfully
“We cannot abandon our quest for the Holy Grail now!”
Opposite of to regard as an opinion
“As you freely allow that scoundrel to express his opinions, I can no longer sit idly by and withhold mine.”
Opposite of to find unexpectedly or during a search
“It always amazes me how anybody can overlook the basic truths about this nation.”
(something sent) Opposite of to take or accept delivery of
“Is it particularly necessary to send this many Christmas cards out?”
Opposite of to pronounce authoritatively and legally to be the case
“He enters a strong and solemn protest against that ANtinomian spirit which would reject the law as a rule of life.”
(idiomatic) Opposite of to come into one's possession, usually unexpectedly
“Through a lack of financial acumen, he would eventually lose most of his wealth.”
Opposite of to discover or find something, especially by chance
“The oarsmen had to dodge uprooted trees and tree limbs, dead animals, and coastal birds as they neared the island.”
Opposite of to establish or make a determination on the nature of someone or something
“Many people mistake the endangered water vole for the brown rat and accidentally poison them or disturb their burrows.”
Opposite of to hunt something and capture or kill it
Opposite of to suppose to be the case, without proof
“These matters are of grave public concern and the people deserve to know the truth.”
Opposite of to establish a fact to be true
“He and his employers refute accusations that his style of investigation constitutes entrapment.”
(with object and complement) Opposite of to attribute a quality to someone or something
“I absolutely reject the idea that he is innocent of the crimes he is purported to have committed.”
Opposite of to find, or get hold of, by means of conducting a search through various sources
“When finished with the evidence, he must return it to its source.”
Opposite of to receive, especially in return for effort
“Johnson had to forfeit his medal because traces of anabolic steroids were found in his system, and the fastest man on earth fell from grace in a fiery plunge.”
Opposite of a discovery
“The theft of the crown artifact was a loss of epic proportions to the museum.”
Opposite of something rare, uncommon or unusual, especially one having particular value
Opposite of a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development
Opposite of something invented through research and development
Opposite of something, typically a job, considered to be highly desirable
Opposite of a development or improvement
“The retrogression in the company's technology due to a lack of funding for research and development was noticeable.”
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