How to say pitch in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for pitch? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for pitch
lanzar verb
launch, throw, release, send, shoot
el campo noun
field, countryside, country, camp, ground
el paso noun
step, passage, pass, passing, pace, move
el tono noun
tone, shade, key, ring
la brea noun
la inclinación noun
inclination, tilt, slope, incline, tilting
las pez noun
fish, tar, catfish
la pendiente noun
slope, earring, pendant, descent, incline, grade
la resina noun
resin, rosin
el nivel noun
level, standard, tier, scale, plane
grado de inclinación noun
el puesto noun
post, position, place, job, envelope, cadre
las cabezada noun
nod, butt, nutation
cabecear verb
head, nod, plunge
calafatear verb
caulk, calk, pay
tirar verb
pull, throw, shoot, throw away, throw out
inclinarse verb
bow, incline, stoop, slope, bend down, lean over
entonar verb
tone, intone, intonate, sound, tone up
la charlatanería noun
patter, palaver
acampar verb
camp, pitch camp
el buzamiento noun
caerse verb
fall, drop, fall over, fall down, topple, tumble
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, lay, settle
armar una carpa verb
embrear verb
contar verb
count, tell, reckon, recount, number
instalarse en verb
ensconce, induct
cucharear verb
spoon, ladle out
el tiro ligero noun
jerk, fart
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