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How to say release in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for release? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for release
el estreno noun
premiere, opening, debut, first night, launching
la liberación noun
liberation, deliverance, delivery, disengagement, rescue
soltar verb
drop, loosen, loose, free, disengage
el lanzamiento noun
launch, launching, shoot, throwing, throw
lanzar verb
launch, throw, pitch, send, shoot
el comunicado noun
communique, dispatch, despatch, notice
la libertad noun
freedom, liberty, independence
la publicación noun
publication, publishing, appearance, proclamation, airing
la emisión noun
emission, issue, issuance, broadcast, broadcasting
la divulgación noun
la excarcelación noun
el descargo noun
discharge, quittance, blatancy
el disparador noun
trigger, discharger
el disparo noun
shot, shooting, firing
el boletín noun
publicar verb
publish, publicize, print, insert in a newspaper, utter, put out
el aflojamiento noun
estrenar verb
launch, use for the first time, show for the first time
la novedad noun
novelty, newness, news, fad, originality
descargar verb
download, unload, discharge, offload, empty
la puesta en venta noun
emitir verb
issue, emit, cast, give, broadcast
desenganchar verb
disengage, unhook
disparar verb
shoot, fire, discharge, loose off
dar a conocer verb
excarcelar verb
libertar verb
free, set free, rescue, disenthral
despedir verb
dismiss, sack, discharge, give off, send off
arrojar verb
throw, cast, give, dump, fling
largar verb
launch, unfurl, bung
absolver verb
absolve, acquit, clear, let off
poner a la venta verb
interpretar el papel de verb
do, make
la absolución noun
absolution, acquittal, shrift
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