How to say sound in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for sound? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for sound
el sonido noun
beat, twang
sonar verb
ring, play, toot, rattle, jangle
parecer verb
seem, appear, look like, look, resemble
del sonido adjective
el ruido noun
noise, din, racket, bang, noisiness
sano adjective
healthy, wholesome, sane, good, healthful
tocar verb
touch, play, perform, contact, ring
sondear verb
probe, poll, fathom, plumb
resonar verb
resonate, resound, ring, echo, boom
profundamente adverb
deeply, deep, profoundly, heavily
firme adjective
firm, strong, steady, solid, steadfast, hard
sondar verb
probe, fathom, explore, search
los estrecho noun
narrow, strait, channel, gut, jam
auscultar verb
auscultate, perceive
profundo adjective
deep, profound, intimate, lower, low, heavy
acertado adjective
right, correct, wise, ready-witted
prudente adjective
prudent, wise, cautious, careful, safe, advisable
entonar verb
tone, intone, intonate, pitch, tone up
razonable adjective
reasonable, fair, sensible, rational, right
solvente adjective
solvent, afloat
cantar verb
chant, jingle
la sonda noun
probe, catheter, lead, probang, pathfinder
fondear verb
anchor, put down
robusto adjective
robust, sturdy, hardy, strapping, hale
tranquilamente adverb
quietly, calmly, serenely, stilly
brazo del mar noun
hondear verb
toss, toss up, toss about, toss around
entero adjective
whole, entire, complete, integral, total
formal adjective
formal, serious, earnest, staid, dependable
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