How to say ground in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for ground? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for ground
las tierra noun
land, earth, soil, world, dust
el suelo noun
floor, soil, land, deck, earth
el terreno noun
terrain, land, piece of land, piece of ground
molido adjective
milled, minced, aching all over
terrestre adjective
land, terrestrial, overland, earthbound, above-ground
la conexión a tierra noun
el motivo noun
reason, motive, occasion, motif, cause, sake
el campo noun
field, countryside, country, camp, pitch
la base noun
base, basis, foundation, baseline, footing
el fondo noun
background, bottom, fund, depth, back
el fundamento noun
basis, foundation, base, fundament, bedrock
la razón noun
reason, ratio, rate, cause, argument, gist
la causa noun
cause, reason, case, the cause, why
las tierras noun
las cancha noun
court, field
picado adjective
chopped, minced, choppy
deslustrado adjective
dingy, dull, lacklustre
conectar a tierra verb
basarse verb
be based, go on, go by
tocar verb
touch, play, perform, contact, ring, feel
encallar verb
run aground, strand, fail, jam, strike
varar verb
beach, strand, run aground, run ashore
la primera capa noun
encerrar verb
enclose, lock up, shut, confine, encase
impedir la salida verb
hacer permanecer en tierra verb
detener en tierra verb
no dejar salir verb
keep in
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