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What is the opposite of entire?

Need antonyms for entire? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of made up of or involving all of something, including every detail, part, or aspect
“Surgery on his left shoulder involved unjointing it and inserting a pin, leaving him with only partial use of that arm.”
Opposite of not broken or damaged
“Almost six years after the deadly quake, little of the money pledged to rebuild the broken city has been anted up.”
Opposite of without qualification or reservations
“I offer instead a very clear disclaimer in this section specifying my qualified agreement with Jones' major claim.”
Opposite of characterized by being complete or unbroken
(abridged) Opposite of complete and uncut, not having had any parts removed
(censored) Opposite of complete and uncut, not having had any parts removed
Opposite of constituting or referring to all of something
“Members of the public were only allowed to see an incomplete version of the official report.”
Opposite of containing the maximum possible amount of that which can fit in the space available
“I now have an empty bank balance after splurging on a new car.”
Opposite of free or safe from injury or violation
Opposite of devoted completely to one object
Opposite of large in magnitude or number
“In an age where little was attempted beyond the registration of fact, he had reached the conception of history.”
Opposite of comprehensive and far-reaching in nature
“Given the functions and the scripts introduced previously, you only need to make minor changes to the code to implement these steps.”
Opposite of excluding or not admitting other things
“As a result of his wife's divided attention between himself and their son, the actor has had to work extra hard to get into her good books.”
(of income or profit) Opposite of without deduction of tax or other contributions
“The company constantly uses nonrecurring items such as restructuring charges to make its net income look better than cash flow would suggest.”
Opposite of of or relating to everyone in the world or everyone in a particular place or society
“These semantics reflect the peer's individual view on the world.”
Opposite of consisting of the entire, or whole of, one unit of something
“It takes many human beings to lift a single car.”
Opposite of restricted to the person, group, or area concerned
“The program is designed to be inclusive to children of all ages.”
Opposite of having not been changed or altered
Opposite of of broad scope or content
“Farmers reliant on a limited range of organic crops are likely to suffer significantly.”
Opposite of having unconditional and enthusiastic support
“There was some grudging applause at the final curtain, but I got the feeling it was more for the sake of form, rather than actual enjoyment.”
Opposite of in a continued fashion, to an utter or complete degree, without relief
Opposite of involving a full or complete view or approach
“The atomistic approach is advantageous particularly when solving the whole modeling problem would be too time-consuming.”
Opposite of in an entire, and undivided, state
“The two arcs were joined at the Crown by a sophisticated scarf joint, which was secured by three large nuts and bolts.”
Opposite of exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular purpose
“Also within the curriculum, there are eight unassigned periods a week in elementary and middle schools.”
Opposite of denoting increased dedication on an individual level toward an issue or cause
“This issue is trivial and hardly worth more than my marginal attention.”
Opposite of the whole of something
“Don't be ridiculous! It will only take a fraction of your precious time to mow the lawn.”
Opposite of to an absolute extent or degree
Opposite of complete, or the greatest possible
“Would I be able to help you in some capacity?”
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