What is the opposite of jet?

Need antonyms for jet? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to spurt or gush out in jets
Opposite of to move or proceed very quickly
Opposite of to cascade or issue forth from somewhere
“Each drawer will be clearly marked and will be lined with bin liners for easy disposal and to ensure that the liquid is contained.”
Opposite of to travel, usually with some measurable distance
“Before the warrior set off on his adventure, the old man told him to stay awhile and listen.”
Opposite of to gush out in a sudden and forceful stream
“Glimmers of twilight began to seep through, as water might trickle through a basket's rushes.”
Opposite of to throw or give off (gas, light, etc.)
Opposite of to be transported in an aircraft
“I called my mom and told her to drive me to the hospital, because I had injured myself in the shower.”
Opposite of to move through the air in an aircraft
“I recommend you drive on the road that leads to El Salto, which is the most insane and beautiful road I've driven on.”
Opposite of to flow or move in a stream
“You can run the hairdryer over the wet patch on your dress and it should dry up pretty quick.”
(usually of a liquid) Opposite of to rise up, to spill over, or to be on the verge of spilling over
“His tears began to ebb once he had gotten over the overwhelming emotion of landing his dream job.”
(of a liquid, gas or heat) Opposite of to discharge from a container
“As long as the olive oil is properly stored, the bottle will hold the freshness for a while.”
Opposite of to move at a fast speed on foot
“She watched in gentle adoration, her two-year-old daughter walk slowly toward her.”
Opposite of a glossy black color
Opposite of as dark as ink
Opposite of an act, or the state, of streaming or flowing out, especially rapidly
“The City Center division has to supply additional manpower to maintain law and order due to the large influx of supporters converging on the City Center.”
Opposite of a sudden gushing stream
Opposite of a steady, continuous stream or supply of something
“As a result of the strike, there was a break in the production of European luxury cars.”
Opposite of a leakage of gas, liquid, or heat from a container
Storage of nitrogen in a wetland is only a temporary measure, whether nitrogen is assimilated into biomass or absorbed by the soil.”
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