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What is another word for cuts?

Need synonyms for cuts? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Fills out a financial document, typically a check/cheque
To make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object
“I would accidentally cut my finger while handling the kitchen knife.”
To divide into pieces with a knife or other sharp implement
“Amin, a one-time heavyweight boxing champion, would decide to cut the wedding cake with a sword.”
To cut in two, especially with a sharp instrument
“Indiana Jones decided to cut the rope of the bridge to teach Mola Ram a lesson.”
To trim by cutting off
“Even if the grass is greener on the other side, somebody still has to cut it.”
To gather by cutting
“I went out into the garden to cut some flowers.”
To reduce the amount or quantity of
“I have decided to cut my caloric intake in an effort to lose some weight.”
To cut or divide into parts
“This is the point where the line will cut the vertical axis.”
To bring to an end
“We are seriously considering if we should cut our investment in this non-performing asset.”
To turn or switch off
“The stadium would then cut the lights so that the thousands in attendance could pay homage to the legend.”
To carve or engrave (something) into a material
“We had an industrial stenciling machine at work that could cut lettering into a variety of materials.”
To fail to attend, or to play truant
“You will be expelled from this school if you cut class again.”
To abridge or shorten
“The movie fizzled, and the producers would decide to cut the film down from 155 minutes to 123 minutes.”
To edit or take out
“The scriptwriters decided to cut my lines from the film.”
To hurt someone's feelings, or to have one's feelings hurt
“Her insensitive remarks about his love handles would cut him deeply.”
To analyze or view in a certain way
“Whichever way you cut it, the outlook does not look good.”
To treat or regard with rudeness or contempt
“Everyone is starting to cut me, and I'm not quite sure why.”
To make a recording of
“After signing a publishing deal, the band would proceed to cut a few signature tracks.”
(usually in sports) To move in a (usually sharp) turn
“James would cut to the basket after seeing an opening between two defenders.”
(rare) To weaken or make thinner through the addition of impurities or substances
“The cafe would cut the orange juice with so much water that there was barely any flavor left.”
A reduction or curtailment, especially of business operations or staff
The reduction of costs, especially in a business
Plural for an incision made by something sharp
“The cut on your finger should heal within a few days.”
Plural for a stroke or blow delivered by a sharp-edged implement
“The butcher would skillfully execute the cut with his sharpened knife.”
Plural for a reduction in amount or size
“The booming economy has resulted in a significant cut in unemployment.”
Plural for a share of the profits from something
“Arthur Morgan's gang would each get a cut of the loot after successfully robbing the bank at Valentine.”
Plural for a piece of meat cut from a carcass
“Halfway through a king-size cut of steak, she finally appeared to make some progress toward sobriety.”
Plural for a level or rank in a process, or in the assessment of skill or ability
“The new recruit has demonstrated himself to be a cut above the rest in ability.”
Plural for the way or style in which something, especially clothing or hair, is cut
“The cut of her clothes certainly does make her look slimmer and taller.”
Plural for a haircut
“I decided to go to the hairdressers to have a cut and blow-dry.”
Plural for a type or kind
“Your manager is the best cut of person you could have representing your business.”
Plural for a wounding remark or act
“Sarah was his friend, and being unable to help her was the cruelest cut of all.”
Plural for an interruption of supply to power
“Work came to a momentary halt during the cut.”
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