What is the noun for habit?

What's the noun for habit? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (archaic) The essential character of one's being or existence; native or normal constitution; mental or moral constitution; bodily condition; native temperament.
  2. (archaic) Habitual disposition; normal or characteristic mode of behaviour, whether from habit or from nature
  3. (obsolete) Behaviour or manner of existence in relation to something else; relation; respect.
  4. (obsolete) In full habitude: fully, wholly, entirely; in all respects.
  5. (obsolete) habitual association; familiar relation; acquaintance; familiarity; intimacy; association; intercourse.
  6. (obsolete) an associate; an acquaintance; someone with whom one is familiar.
  7. Habit; custom; usage.
  8. (obsolete) A chemical term used in the plural to denote the various ways in which one substance reacts with another; chemical reaction.
  9. Synonyms:
    1. habit, fashion, practice, pattern, practise, custom, wont, trick, ritual, way, aptitude, predilection, proclivity, propensity, disposition, devices, turn, inclination, bias, bent, second nature, leaning, tendency, genius, impulse, bone, affinity, affection, penchant, predisposition, partiality, characteristic, manner, into, mode, precedent, hang-up, rule, form, routine, addiction, groove, shot, grind, proprieties, procedure, consuetude, observance, praxis, daily grind
  1. An action done on a regular basis.
  2. An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness.
  3. A long piece of clothing worn by monks and nuns.
  4. A piece of clothing worn uniformly for a specific activity.
  5. (archaic) Outward appearance; attire; dress.
  6. (botany) Form of growth or general appearance of a variety or species of plant or crystal.
  7. An addiction.
  8. Synonyms:
    1. practice, custom, dress, mannerism, wont, addiction, routine, garment, convention, tradition, tendency, rule, costume, way, pattern, apparel, dependence, characteristic, practice, way, quirk, clothing, weakness, attire, usage, mode, custom, garb, clothes, modus operandi, idiosyncrasy, system, fixation, style, manner, garments, method, propensity, repetition, robe, process, drill, foible, outfit, oddity, clobber, inclination, rags, manner, obsession
  1. (zoology) habitude; mode of life; bearing, general appearance.
  2. (botany) habit; general shape and appearance of a species or variety of plant.
  3. (sociology) The lifestyle, values, dispositions and expectations of particular social groups that are acquired through the activities and experiences of everyday life.
  4. (liturgy) The liturgical clothing of monks, nuns and the clerical community, metaphorically refering to the religious mode of life.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. physique, habit, figure, conformation, frame, body, shape, build
  1. (biology) Conditions suitable for an organism or population of organisms to live.
  2. (biology) A place or type of site where an organism or population naturally occurs.
  3. (biology) A terrestrial or aquatic area distinguished by geographic, abiotic and biotic features, whether entirely natural or semi-natural.
  4. A place in which a person lives.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. home, abode, environment, territory, surroundings, habitation, element, terrain, environs, conditions, locality, haunt, biosphere, range, crib, quarters, dwelling, pad, seat, site, commorancy, digs, cave, lodging, housing, domain, niche, domicile, nest, hole, den, house, turf, hearth, haven, nook, settlement, homestead, roost, place, residence, residency, home ground, stomping ground, stamping ground, accommodations, natural environment, natural terrain, natural element, natural surroundings
  1. (person) the state of being controlled by old habits
  2. (linguistics) The verbal or noun form that expresses continuousness over a prolonged period of time, e.g. "In the 19th century men used to wear hats"; "Jane smokes cigarettes".
  1. The act of habituating, or accustoming; the state of being habituated.
  2. (psychology) The process of becoming accustomed to an internal or external stimulus, such as a noxious smell or loud noise.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. adaptation, familiarization, acclimatization, conditioning, orientation, adjustment
  1. One who does something habitually, such as a serial criminal offender.
  2. (grammar) A construction representing something done habitually.
  1. (obsolete) A dwelling or habitation.
  1. The property of being habitable.
  1. The property of being habitable.
  1. Obsolete form of habitacle.
  1. One who inhabits.
  1. plural of habitability
  1. plural of habituality
  1. plural of inhabitant
  2. Synonyms:
    1. residents, populace, population, people
  1. plural of habitacle
  1. plural of habitakle
  1. plural of inhabitor
  1. plural of habitual
  1. plural of habit
  2. Synonyms:
    1. behavior, conduct, ways, customs
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