What is the noun for habit?

What's the noun for habit? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. An action done on a regular basis.
  2. An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness.
  3. A long piece of clothing worn by monks and nuns.
  4. A piece of clothing worn uniformly for a specific activity.
  5. (archaic) Outward appearance; attire; dress.
  6. (botany) Form of growth or general appearance of a variety or species of plant or crystal.
  7. An addiction.
  8. Synonyms:
    1. mode, usage, outfit, tradition, leaning, manner, quirk, uniform, preference, problem, routine, dependency, custom, style, nature, dress, obsession, thing, fondness, attire, practice, clothing, tendency, pattern, apparel, fixation, praxis, gravitation, disposition, vestment, susceptibility, habitude, bent, fashion, groove, way, bias, convention, rut, weakness, rule, proclivity, costume, penchant, use, mannerism, inclination, impulsion, proneness, garb
  1. (biology) Conditions suitable for an organism or population of organisms to live.
  2. (biology) A place or type of site where an organism or population naturally occurs.
  3. (biology) A terrestrial or aquatic area distinguished by geographic, abiotic and biotic features, whether entirely natural or semi-natural.
  4. A place in which a person lives.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. territory, cave, dwelling, residence, environment, surroundings, terrain, nest, haven, habitation, turf, fireside, condominium, haunt, nook, flat, roost, house, biosphere, range, seat, pad, berth, housing, settlement, locality, den, place, occupation, digs, hole, homestead, abode, quarters, address, locale, element, site, apartment, roof, domicile, condo, crib, lodging, hearth, occupancy, accommodations, residency, home, home plate
  1. One who does something habitually, such as a serial criminal offender.
  2. (grammar) A construction representing something done habitually.
  1. plural of habitual
  1. plural of habit
  2. Synonyms:
    1. conduct, traditions, ways, customs, behavior
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