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All forms of popular culture have a habit of exaggerating the gifts of their fallen heroes.
Chimpanzees and whisky jacks share the habit of assembling jumbles of trash.
Helsinki's habit of keeping a low profile means that its attractions have also stayed out of the limelight.
She opened her mouth to say something but Adrian cut her off. It was an annoying habit he had.
Considering this, it's only logical that swimmers ought to make it a habit to practice movements that are smooth, unhurried and fluent.
She was buried in Mantua in the habit of a Franciscan tertiary, with the cord and the scapular, as the Modenese chronicler Lancellotti reports.
He cursed out of a regular habit as he pulled the flush down on the toilet.
He had taken up that nasty habit lately, but I assumed it was just because he was teething.
For every smoker who claims to enjoy the habit there are countless others who are desperate to stop.
The event encourages smokers to kick the habit for 24 hours in hopes they'll give it up for good.
And he had the habit of often making obscene, vulgar, or profane comments to other people he associated with, whether he knew them or not.
He had begun pacing the cave, a nervous habit of his, stopping at the end of his speech to stare at Marcy with deep-rooted concern.
It seems I'm prone to these quick getaways because I have a habit of thinking I can't possibly take days off.
Seasoned watchers of him will attest to his annoying habit of fading out of games and trying to be too clever at times.
Episiotomy was invented to facilitate forceps deliveries and has continued mainly out of habit not necessity.
I have been in the habit of going there regularly since the forepart of January last until the first of March, going twice or three times a week.
She's got this truly terrible habit of emphasising random syllables in news reports.
I found the CD of choice and popped it in, cranking the volume up as was my habit when I was upset.
Clubs have a habit of recording their histories, usually to celebrate jubilees or centenaries, though sometimes to mourn mergers or closures.
Deprived of the Internet by a balky cell phone modem, the habit of daily blogging has proven hard to break.
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