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They rob parked cars and have studied the habits of their targets before going into action.
It has been found that the smoking behaviours of best friends and peers have a weighty influence on adolescent smoking habits.
Of course, old habits died hard, and Dave had reacquired his dislike of Scott.
Officers say most burglars are heroin or crack addicts who need cash to feed their drug habits.
I adjure you to drop whatever vulgar habits you may have learned before you meet your husband.
Although Lufthansa is a global operating carrier, their business is local and thus the airline adjusts to local needs and habits.
This fish is second in size only to the whale shark and displays the same gentle characteristics and feeding habits as its larger cousin.
For on the day that the fear of terrorism affects your actions and habits, the terrorizers have already won.
With adware, which collects data on your buying habits, there's a fine line between what's legal and what's not.
He still feels fine but there will be a price to pay for his reacquaintance with bad habits.
Elsewhere the dialogue recovers and proves capable of poking a little borax at the rigid principles and habits of Scotch piety.
There are some delicious and healthy fruit drinks on the market that could tempt our children into good habits.
As time went on, they became even more familiar with the mannerisms and habits of one another.
In fact, even across the same countries, some habits, manners and ways of being change.
It doesn't take long for people to change their shopping habits and go elsewhere where getting to the shops doesn't take a month of Sundays.
Many Carboniferous temnospondyls appear to have been primarily terrestrial in habits, with strong limbs, but no lateral line canals.
Animals can be identified by footprints, scat, sometimes scent, fur, and their habits.
Recent figures revealed that teenage girls are now beating boys in their bad drinking habits.
How far are we complicit in the corruption of current affairs by our own viewing habits, by our love of gossip and scandal?
The savings bank questioned over 2,000 parents about their saving habits via an online survey last month.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Neither Caesar nor Tacitus gives us any idea of the habits or usages of the people who lived north of the Belgae.
But there was a deplorable lack of information about the haunts and habits of the auk.
Would the slanderer, or backbiter, or hypocrite, indulge their habits if they realized this truth?
He invites him to a beerhouse to learn his drinking habits and reports favorably upon them.
He has probably been investigating the habits of the Australian aborigines.
Do not let the most adhesive of food betray you into this most disagreeable of habits.
Unlike the addax, it is gregarious in its habits, and lives in large herds.
Certain things must be looked for, certain habits must be formed, certain movements must be automatized.
In the tenth book of his analects we get a glimpse of the habits of the philosopher.
The habits of the king were abstemious, an example which his sons disregarded.
There are sure to be foreign sounds or accentual peculiarities that do not fit the native phonetic habits.
A predator feeding on other animals would be expected to leave some evidence of its habits on the bones of its prey.
But they followed their old habits when the year had expired and the subsidy ceased.
They thought their own habits and customs just a trifle better than those of anybody else.
The animal is about the size of a hare, to which it approximates in form and habits.
Remember that Absalom's hair was not more splendid than his habits were despicable.
In habits and life history the typical Ixodid differ greatly from the argasid.
And Pliny says, sulphureous water is useful for the nerves, aluminous for paralytics, or other relaxed habits of the body.
Their nesting habits and eggs are in every respect like those of the loggerhead Shrike.
But the gentler fibers of the man were atrophied by the habits of a lifetime.
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