How to say sink in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for sink? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for sink
hundir verb
plunge, wreck, swamp, scupper, sag
el fregadero noun
el lavabo noun
washbasin, basin, toilet, lavatory, washroom
hundirse verb
plunge, go down, sag, go under, slump
el sumidero noun
sump, drain, sinkhole
el pozo noun
well, pit, shaft, hole, pool, cesspool
la depresión noun
depression, slump, hollow, trough, dip, low
caer verb
fall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out
la cloaca noun
sewer, cloaca
bajar verb
lower, get off, go down, descend, drop, come down
descender verb
descend, fall, go down, fall away, ramp
naufragar verb
be wrecked
sumirse verb
disappear, wallow in, cringe
meter verb
put, insert, place, shove, dip
excavar verb
dig, excavate, dig up, dig out, burrow, hollow
hincar verb
drive, thrust
gastar verb
spend, expend, waste, burn, wear
arrellanarse verb
settle, sprawl, loll, spread oneself
echar a pique verb
irse a pique verb
avellanar verb
dejarse caer verb
slip down
sumir verb
plunge, submerge, submerse
ocultarse verb
hide, conceal, hide out, disappear, hole up
amainarse verb
subside, abate, die down, ease off, ease up
desaparecer de verb
disminuir por verb
consumirse verb
consume, waste away, burn out, languish, burn away
venirse abajo verb
come down, topple, fall down, tumble down
doblarse verb
double, double up, look alike
olvidar verb
forget, neglect, leave, get over, omit, leave behind
acabar con verb
kill, do away with, finish, destroy, break
beberse verb
drain, knock back, put back
echar abajo verb
break down, tear down, overthrow, throw down, cast down
invertir debido a verb
pump, reverse
grabar en hueco verb
clavar verb
nail, drive, stick, nail down, press in
meter la pelota en el hoyo verb
meter la bola en el agujero verb
echar al fondo del mar verb
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