How to say hollow in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for hollow? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for hollow
el hueco noun
gap, empty, hole, cavity, void
ahuecar verb
deepen, puff out
vaciar verb
empty, void, clear out, vacate, unpack
vacío adjective
empty, void, blank, vacant, bare
las depresión noun
depression, slump, trough, dip, low
la hondonada noun
la cavidad noun
cavity, hole
el hoyo noun
hole, pit, dimple, depression, trough
ahuecado adjective
a hueco adverb
la concavidad noun
concavity, concave
las cuenca noun
basin, watershed, catchment area, socket, bowl
sordo adjective
deaf, dull, muffled, muted, surd
hundido adjective
sunken, sagging
falso adjective
false, fake, untrue, bogus, phony
cavernoso adjective
vacuo adjective
empty, vacuous, void
sepulcral adjective
sepulchral, stony
excavar verb
dig, excavate, dig up, dig out, burrow
irónico adjective
ironic, ironical, tongue-in-cheek
más aparente que real adjective
sin efecto práctico adjective
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