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In contrast, both sexes of many other hoofed mammals have permanent, hollow horns.
There is a sprinkling of hobblers, plenty of wincers, and almost universal hollow eyes and messed hair.
The beat of the kick drum is the sound of a brass doorknocker thumping outside the vast, hollow halls of limbo.
As I sat in bed and futilely attempted to sleep, I noticed a deep rumbling sound emanating from the hollow recesses of my cavernous stomach.
Most magic tricks are done with specially made gadgets that are deceptively hollow but which look solid.
She found a small hollow, pulled out her sleeping bag, used the rucksack as a pillow and tried to get some sleep.
The site could be in a woody crevice or tree hollow or tucked into a tangle of vines.
When these cattle move side by side in the herd, their hollow horns knock together, producing a characteristic resonant sound.
A single, consistent bar on a hollow reed, just musical enough to be considered a note.
Just looking at the lactescent SavMart or the uninhabited appearance of Sy's apartment is enough to make you feel hollow inside.
And then Ben's match began, and it was him I cheered for instead, my yells sounding hollow even to my own ears.
The empty bathroom flung the words back at me, making them sound like hollow laughter.
To give the epidural anaesthetic, the anaesthetist passes a hollow needle into a small space just below the spinal cord.
It is part of the hollow acoustics of a bankrupt and leaderless opposition.
Eventually only a hollow lined by residual soils above a breccia chimney marks the site of a former salt extrusion.
The latest find was the final resting place of an infant, carefully laid in a stone-lined hollow, with more stones placed on top of the body.
With a voice so void of emotion it was hollow, the child retold his story and details of his escape.
Out of one oven came a complete mini-pumpkin, the hollow inside filled with rice, chestnuts and cured meat.
She had large areas of deep grey under her eyes, which looked hollow, lifeless, dead.
During the preview screening I attended, there was some laughter, but it all had a hollow, forced ring to it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There are winters when the gray squirrel stays in the hollow of some old tree.
Ahead a billowy drift which 29 filled a hollow rose level with the wedge-shape framing on the snow-plow front.
He frequently decorated his flatware with a refined etching or gravure, his hollow ware with reeding.
In the bottom of each hollow a narrow slit was cut lengthwise of the goggle.
Attached to the lower car were two helically threaded vertical rollers, working within the hollow guides.
Some hollow trees show interiors beautifully lined with holocrystalline quartz.
In the falx is a poison-sac from which poison flows through the hollow fang and out at its tip.
For these were the blocks that had formed the body of the monster of the hollow, its flailing arms.
The geode has a hollow cell within, lined with beautiful crystals of many colors.
The godwit makes no attempt at concealment, the eggs being deposited in plain sight in a slight hollow in the short grass.
This tool may be used as a grounder when the wood is slightly hollow, or liable to tear up under the flat grounder.
The siliceous bars and beams constituting it are invariably solid, as also in the Nassellaria, never hollow, as in the Phodaria.
You see, Senior Lieutenant, my friend has a hollow leg, so no matter how much he eats he never can seem to get enough.
I wondered vaguely if Ned made them as he needed them or had a supply tucked away in a hollow leg or something.
In all of the bovid the horns are simple, hollow, and permanent, each enclosing a bony core.
One of the most distinctive mouldings is the cavetto, a wide shallow hollow in the centre of a group of mouldings.
That would mean giving up the fat hen which he had hidden in the hollow stump.
Finally one day he met her, coming up a path which led to a spring down in a firry hollow.
It has a big, ragged, floccose ring, and the pithy stem is inclined to be hollow.
The geode is a spherical and apparently solid stone, but when broken is found to be hollow and coated with crystals.
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