How to say dull in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for dull? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for dull
aburrido adjective
boring, tired, tiresome, weary, dry
sordo adjective
deaf, muffled, muted, surd
embotado adjective
blunt, thick-headed
mate adjective
mat, matted
apagado adjective
off, extinct, out, lacklustre, muted
torpe adjective
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, blundering, heavy, thick
gris adjective
gray, drab, grizzly, cinereous, grey
pálido adjective
pale, light, pallid, white, wan, ashen
pesado adjective
heavy, heavyweight, burdensome, weighty, ponderous, hefty
romo adjective
obtuso adjective
obtuse, blunt
sombrío adjective
somber, dark, sombre, shadowy, dismal
deslucido adjective
dingy, lacklustre, pale
embotar verb
blunt, benumb
insípido adjective
tasteless, insipid, unsavoury, unsavory, tame
entorpecer verb
hinder, obstruct
aliviar verb
relieve, alleviate, ease, soothe, reduce
lerdo adjective
dumb, dim, oafish, heavy, fatheaded
estúpido adjective
stupid, idiotic, asinine, brainless, senseless
deslustrado adjective
dingy, lacklustre, ground
flojo adjective
loose, floppy, lax, slack, sluggish, limp
deslustrar verb
muerto adjective
dead, deceased, lifeless, expired
inactivo adjective
inactive, dormant, sluggish, quiescent, stagnant, static
de aliviar adjective
enfriar verb
cool, chill, quench, dampen, ice
pavisoso adjective
hacer frío verb
be cold
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