How to say loose in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for loose? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for loose
suelto adjective
free, single, detached, separate, flyaway
flojo adjective
floppy, lax, slack, sluggish, limp
soltar verb
drop, release, loosen, free, disengage
desatar verb
untie, loosen, undo, unbind
a granel adjective
libre adjective
free, idle, vacant, exempt, unoccupied
holgado adjective
baggy, full, roomy, spacious, well-to-do
relajado adjective
relaxed, leisurely, laid-back
en libertad adjective
aflojar verb
loosen, slacken, relax, ease, let up
desatado adjective
untied, free, wild, light-headed
impreciso adjective
imprecise, vague, indefinite
vago adjective
vague, faint, shadowy, idle, bone-idle
fácil adjective
easy, simple, ready, effortless, facile
liberar verb
liberate, set free, absolve, set loose, acquit
ancho adjective
wide, broad, deep, extensive, capacious
poco firme adjective
unsteady, dicky
flotante adjective
floating, buoyant, supernatant, afloat, adrift
loco adjective
crazy, mad, out of one's mind, distraught, deranged
el aire noun
air, wind, midair, look, tune
disoluto adjective
dissolute, profligate, raffish, rakish
desconectado adjective
offline, disconnected, unconnected
movedizo adjective
shifting, moving, shaky, movable, unsteady
movible adjective
movable, moveable, mobile, fickle
inseguro adjective
unsafe, insecure, unsure, uncertain, unsteady
desencadenar verb
trigger, unchain, unshackle, unfetter
aproximado adjective
approximate, rough, proximate
de libertad adjective
inmoral adjective
immoral, unmoral
licencioso adjective
la juerga noun
spree, binge, bender, good time, whoopee
poco exacto adjective
ilógico adjective
illogical, absurd
tonto adjective
silly, fool, foolish, idiotic, unwise, witless
querer a soltar verb
el escaldado noun
dar inicio a soltar verb
hacer sin cadenas verb
liberar de cadenas verb
dar comienzo a soltar verb
liberar de prisión verb
ir a soltar verb
desear a soltar verb
hacer libre verb
liberate, let out, disengage, extricate, break
sin envase adjective
no conectado adjective
bobo adjective
silly, daft, loony, lummox, crazy
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