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How to say free in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for free? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for free
libre adjective
loose, idle, vacant, exempt, unoccupied
gratis adverb
free of charge, gratis, for nothing, gratuitous, toll-free
gratuito adjective
gratuitous, free of charge, wanton, costless
franco adjective
frank, open, candid, honest, outspoken, straightforward
disponible adjective
available, disposable, spare, on call, vacant
suelto adjective
loose, single, detached, separate, flyaway
librar verb
rid, wage, fight, rescue, extricate
libertar verb
release, set free, rescue, disenthral
desocupado adjective
unoccupied, idle, vacant, empty, void
soltar verb
drop, release, loosen, loose, disengage
desatado adjective
untied, wild, light-headed, loose
poner en libertad verb
discharge, let out
franquear verb
negotiate, meter, frank, open up, prepay
descarado adjective
sassy, cheeky, blatant, brazen, brash, hussy
manumitir verb
enfranchise, affranchise, emancipate
de favor adjective
vacante adjective
vacant, unoccupied, empty, void
eximir verb
exempt, excuse
desatascar verb
clear, unblock, unstop
la rebatiña noun
exentar verb
desenredar verb
unravel, untangle, disentangle, extricate, unscramble
desvergonzado adjective
shameless, unabashed, caddish, unblushing
desembarazar verb
salvar verb
save, salvage, rescue, salve
rescatar verb
rescue, redeem, recover, ransom
despejar verb
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Similar Words
free of charge adjective
gratis, gratuito
costless adjective
buckshee adjective, adverb
gratuito, de balde
gratis adjective, adverb
gratis, gratuito, franco
toll-free adjective
sin costo, franco, gratis
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