How to say full in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for full? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for full
completo adjective
complete, entire, finished, thorough, total
lleno adjective
filled, packed, abundant, total
pleno adjective
plenary, complete
por completo adverb
fully, to the full extent
máximo adjective
maximum, most, top, maximal, all-out
completamente adverb
completely, fully, thoroughly, all, altogether
íntegro adjective
integral, whole, upright, honest, undivided
repleto adjective
amplio adjective
wide, large, ample, widespread, capacious, full-scale
completar verb
complete, follow up, consummate
detallado adjective
detailed, itemized, elaborate, intimate, play-by-play
extenso adjective
extensive, vast, large, widespread, wide
plenario adjective
de gala adjective
redondo adjective
round, orbed
grueso adjective
thick, coarse, heavy, gross, fat
de número adjective
exuberante adjective
exuberant, lush, luxuriant, ebullient, rampant
abultado adjective
bulky, bulging, hefty, large, bulgy
sin descuento adjective
holgado adjective
loose, baggy, roomy, spacious, well-to-do
de etiqueta adjective
inactivamente adverb
inactively, sluggishly, stagnantly, dormantly, quiescently
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