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More Spanish words for let up
aflojar verb
loosen, slacken, loose, relax, ease
cesar verb
cease, stop, end, terminate, break
terminar verb
end, finish, complete, end up, terminate
acabar verb
end, finish, complete, terminate, come
dejar de presionar verb
let up
tener alma serena verb
let up
poseer indiferencia verb
let up
ser indiferente verb
let up
narrar verb
narrate, relate, report, recite
relatar verb
tell, relate, report, describe
venir a final verb
let up
llegar a fin verb
come to an end
finalizar verb
finalize, terminate, conclude, close, expire, closure
tratar verb
treat, process, try on, attend, behave towards
trabajar con menos intensidad verb
let up
tener indiferencia verb
let up
hacerse moderado verb
let up
tomar calmante verb
let up
ser tranquilo verb
tener alma sosa verb
let up
tener alma indiferente verb
let up
moderarse verb
moderate, ease, abate
describir verb
describe, depict, portray, explain, picture, paint
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letup noun
cejar, tregua, descanso, respiro, calma
let noun, verb
dejar, alquiler, permitir, dejarse, alquilar
up adjective, preposition, noun, verb, adverb
arriba, hasta, para arriba, hacia arriba, encima de
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