How to say heavy in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for heavy? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for heavy
pesado adjective
heavyweight, burdensome, weighty, ponderous, hefty
fuerte adjective
strong, sharp, hard, loud, powerful
grueso adjective
thick, coarse, gross, fat, full
intenso adjective
intense, intensive, severe, deep, strong
abundante adjective
abundant, plenty, plentiful, hearty, generous, ample
denso adjective
dense, thick, solid
grave adjective
serious, severe, grave, acute, bad
espeso adjective
thick, dense, deep, soupy, matted, thickish
difícil adjective
difficult, hard, tough, tricky, awkward
profundo adjective
deep, profound, intimate, lower, low
considerable adjective
considerable, substantial, sizeable, sizable, appreciable
corpulento adjective
corpulent, portly, heavy-set, abdominous
triste adjective
sad, sorry, unhappy, dismal, sorrowful, gloomy
oneroso adjective
onerous, oppressive
serio adjective
serious, earnest, severe, sober, staid, businesslike
torpe adjective
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, blundering, thick
lento adjective
slow, sluggish, gentle, lingering, easy
penoso adjective
painful, distressing, grievous, laborious
opresivo adjective
cuantioso adjective
large, considerable
el matón noun
bully, thug, goon, hoodlum, roughneck, bruiser
viscoso adjective
viscous, viscose, sticky, viscid, gooey
encapotado adjective
overcast, cloaked, lower, lowering
laborioso adjective
laborious, industrious, ponderous, plodding, toilsome
indigesto adjective
indigestible, stodgy
penosamente adverb
arcilloso adjective
clayey, argillaceous
la gorila noun
gorilla, goon, hoodlum, tough
lerdo adjective
dull, dumb, dim, oafish, fatheaded
trágico adjective
tragic, thespian
aletargado adjective
el forzudo noun
strongman, tough
estruendoso adjective
thunderous, loud, uproarious, noisy, clangorous
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