How to say sharp in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for sharp? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for sharp
fuerte adjective
strong, hard, loud, heavy, powerful
agudo adjective
acute, severe, high, shrill, searing
sostenido adjective
sustained, buoyed up
afilado adjective
keen, sharp-edged, sharply-edged, hone
brusco adjective
abrupt, sudden, brusque, gruff, curt
marcado adjective
marked, strong, bold, pronounced, decided
nítido adjective
en punto adverb
precisely, prompt, o'clock
penetrante adjective
penetrating, pervasive, piercing, penetrative, deep
puntiagudo adjective
pointed, spiky, peaked, acuminate, ridged
intenso adjective
intense, intensive, severe, deep, strong
seco adjective
dried, dry, dead, curt, parched
definido adjective
profundo adjective
deep, profound, intimate, lower, low, heavy
fino adjective
fine, thin, refined, delicate, slender
mordaz adjective
scathing, biting, mordant, pointed, acrimonious
áspero adjective
rough, harsh, coarse, rugged, hard
perspicaz adjective
perceptive, keen, shrewd, perspicacious, discerning
cerrado adjective
closed, shut, close, cloudy, tight
listo adjective
ready, clever, set, smart, prepared
acre adjective
acrid, pungent, sour
severo adjective
severe, stern, harsh, grim, hard
violento adjective
violent, fierce, harsh, wild, raging, savage
astuto adjective
cunning, astute, crafty, clever, sly
ácido adjective
acid, acidic, tart, bitter
anguloso adjective
angular, angulate
acerbo adjective
bitter, acerbic, harsh, acerb, sour
frío adjective
cold, cool, chilly, chill, frigid, frosty
en seco adverb
empinado adjective
steep, declivitous
encarnizado adjective
bitter, red, bloodshot, bloody, acerbated
el experto noun
expert, proficient, connoisseur, ace
delicado adjective
delicate, dainty, subtle, frail, refined, fussy
demasiado alto adverb
deshonesto adjective
dishonest, crooked, improper, immodest, underhand
arisco adjective
surly, cantankerous, vicious, doggy, doggish
el fullero noun
cheat, sharper, cardsharper, packer
aplastante adjective
overwhelming, crushing, shattering, knockout
de pronto adverb
chillón adjective
gaudy, screaming, loud, harsh, lurid
dar un agudo verb
agriado adjective
sour, turned, angry, irritated
la aguja afilada noun
el estafador noun
swindler, crook, hustler, cheat, racketeer
marcar con un sostenido verb
estafar verb
cheat, swindle, con, trick, diddle, gull
hacer fullerías en el juego verb
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Similar Words
acuminate adjective, verb
puntiagudo, aguzar
jagged adjective
dentado, mellado, áspero
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