How to say lurid in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for lurid? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for lurid
espeluznante adjective
grisly, horrifying, bloodcurdling, nightmarish, hair-raising
chillón adjective
gaudy, screaming, loud, harsh, noisy
cárdeno adjective
sensacional adjective
sensational, thrilling
lívido adjective
fantástico adjective
fantastic, fantastical, fanciful, unrealistic
horripilante adjective
horrifying, creepy, grisly, eerie, hairy
misterioso adjective
mysterious, eerie, uncanny, spooky, intriguing, puzzling
ardiente adjective
burning, fiery, ardent, hot, fervent
horrible adjective
horrible, awful, hideous, horrid, gruesome
brillante adjective
bright, brilliant, shiny, shining, glowing
terrible adjective
terrible, awful, dreadful, horrible, fearful
pintoresco adjective
picturesque, quaint, scenic, vivid, scenical
fuerte adjective
strong, sharp, hard, loud, heavy, powerful
destacado adjective
outstanding, prominent, salient, towering, well-known
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