How to say tight in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for tight? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for tight
ajustado adjective
close-fitting, snug
apretado adjective
pressed, cramped, clasped, jammed, serried
estrecho adjective
narrow, close, cramped, small, intimate
hermético adjective
airtight, hermetic, airproof, tight-lipped
estricto adjective
strict, close, severe, austere
cerrado adjective
closed, shut, close, cloudy, sharp
tirante adjective
taut, tense, straining, nail-biting
escaso adjective
little, low, scarce, sparse, small
impermeable adjective
waterproof, impermeable, impervious, watertight, rainproof, showerproof
ceñido adjective
girded, belted, ribboned
herméticamente adverb
hermetically, tightly
riguroso adjective
rigorous, strict, stringent, severe, inflexible
apretadamente adjective
bien cerrado adjective
a prueba de adjective
tieso adjective
tense, starchy
borracho adjective
drunk, drunken, boozy, inebriate, loaded
estirado adjective
stretched, drawn, stiff, extended, stretched tight
tacaño adjective
stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, close
estampado adjective
print, printed, impressed
de modo tirante adverb
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