How to say lower in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for lower? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for lower
inferior adjective
less, inferior, nether
reducir verb
reduce, cut, decrease, narrow, cut down
bajar verb
get off, go down, descend, drop, come down
disminuir verb
decrease, reduce, diminish, decline, fall
más bajo adverb
nethermost, bottom, rock-bottom
bajo adverb
low, down, bass, below, small, base, short
rebajar verb
reduce, cut, bring down, lessen, discount
reducido adjective
reduced, limited, restricted, confined, abridged
pequeño adjective
small, little, short, slight, low
grave adjective
serious, severe, grave, acute, bad, low
humilde adjective
humble, poor, low, small, mean
escaso adjective
little, low, scarce, sparse, small
menos alto adjective
modesto adjective
modest, inconspicuous, demure
arriar verb
haul down
deficiente adjective
deficient, defective, low
profundo adjective
deep, profound, intimate, low, heavy
vil adjective
vile, despicable, mean, foul, low
debilitar verb
weaken, debilitate, soften, enfeeble, devitalize
grosero adjective
rude, gross, coarse, crass, uncouth
aflojar verb
loosen, slacken, loose, relax, ease, let up
humillar verb
humiliate, humble, abase, put down, mortify
en voz baja adverb
with bated breath, low, sotto voce
primero adjective
first, top, early, primary, front, initial
sucio adjective
dirty, unclean, grubby, dingy, nasty, unwashed
malo adjective
bad, wrong, evil, poor, wicked
encapotado adjective
overcast, cloaked, lowering, heavy
chabacano adjective
fruncir verb
pucker, gather, purse, shirr, knit
mirar con ceño verb
mirar ceñudo verb
calar verb
penetrate, permeate, see through, soak through, drench
encachar verb
encapotarse verb
cloak, frown
reciente adjective
recent, new, fresh
verde adjective
green, verdant, greeny, undeveloped
lanzar verb
launch, throw, release, pitch, send
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Similar Words
subsidiary adjective, noun
subsidiario, filial, auxiliar, sucursal, afiliado
underneath adjective, preposition, noun, adverb
debajo, debajo de, por debajo, bajo, por debajo de
subjacent adjective
smaller adjective, adverb
menor, menos
nether adjective
inferior, de abajo
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