How to say waste in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for waste? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for waste
los residuos noun
scraps, dregs
perder verb
lose, miss, shed, forfeit, drop
las desechos noun
rubbish, rejectamenta
desperdiciar verb
throw away, dissipate, trifle away, misspend
las basura noun
garbage, trash, junk, rubbish, litter
malgastar verb
squander, fritter, throw away, misspend, idle away
los desperdicio noun
garbage, squandering, leak
los desperdicios noun
refuse, rubbish, trash, remains
gastar verb
spend, expend, burn, wear, play
la pérdida noun
loss, leak, forfeiture, wastage, forfeit
el despilfarro noun
squandering, wastefulness, extravagance
el derroche noun
splurge, extravagance, dissipation, prodigality, leak
inútil adjective
useless, pointless, vain, helpless, of no use
los vertidos noun
desechado adjective
desierto adjective
desert, deserted, wilderness, empty, lonely, dead
sobrante adjective
leftover, spare, over
el desgaste noun
wear, wear and tear, attrition, weathering, wastage
yermo adjective
wilderness, wasteland, wild, leak
la merma noun
decrease, depletion, shrinkage, ullage
baldío adjective
derrochar verb
throw away, dissipate
despilfarrar verb
superfluo adjective
superfluous, redundant, needless
desaprovechar verb
consumir verb
consume, eat, use up, drain, expend, shrivel
perderse verb
be lost, lose oneself, stray, fade away, fade out
la tierra baldía noun
dirt, shore, pale
malograr verb
spoil, ruin
gastarse verb
wear out, wear down, wear away, wear through, go to waste
agotar verb
exhaust, deplete, drain, use up, wear, wear down
debilitar verb
weaken, debilitate, soften, enfeeble, devitalize
cargarse verb
load, bump off, zap, knock off
echadizo adjective
spying, secretly spread
mandar al otro mundo verb
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