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More Spanish words for break down
romper verb
break, smash, break off, shatter, snap
descomponer verb
decompose, discompose, disarrange, decompound, go bad
desglosar verb
descomponerse verb
decompose, rot, go bad
analizar verb
analyze, dissect, analyse
acabar con verb
kill, do away with, finish, destroy, break
estropearse verb
break, spoil, get damaged, go bad, deteriorate
echar abajo verb
tear down, overthrow, throw down, cast down, shoot down
averiarse verb
fail, go wrong, give up, pack up
vencer verb
overcome, beat, defeat, win, conquer, expire
fracasar verb
fail, founder, fall through, go awry, come unstuck
dañarse verb
dejar de funcionar verb
break down
sufrir un colapso verb
perder el control verb
lose control, get out of control
romper a llorar verb
break down
tener un colapso nervioso verb
break down
desajustarse verb
probar la falsedad de verb
break down
perder la salud verb
break down
hacer un análisis verb
break down
clasificar verb
classify, sort, rank, rate, class
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breakdown noun
descompostura, desglose, descomposición, ruptura, avería
break noun, verb
descanso, romper, rotura, pausa, romperse
down adjective, preposition, verb, noun, adverb
abajo, hacia abajo, por, abajo de, bajo
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