What is the opposite of familiar?

Need antonyms for familiar? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of frequent or common
“David had been away for so long that his hometown had became an unfamiliar sight.”
Opposite of having information as a result of previous exposure to the given subject
“I am unacquainted with this particular process, but I am willing to learn on the job.”
Opposite of being on friendly terms
“Vince and his daughter had become estranged since the breakup of his relationship with his wife.”
Opposite of informal or intimate to an inappropriate degree
“Young George showed maturity beyond his years and was respectful to everyone.”
Opposite of comfort based on one's experience and knowledge with their surroundings
“There was something eerie about the strange old Victorian mansion where they stayed for the night.”
Opposite of well-known or long established
“The obscure reference to a bygone era was as mysterious as it was intriguing.”
Opposite of having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature
Opposite of having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
“Jack was oblivious to the fact that Ursula was flirting with him.”
Opposite of traditionally, or generally, recognized and accepted
“One must be wary of the quack doctor who treats his patients using unfamiliar techniques.”
Opposite of something or someone that is beloved
“Because of the affair, you have become irrelevant to me.”
(of a person) Opposite of informal or intimate to an inappropriate degree
“Her modest and unassuming manner is admirable and, in a way, is one of the reasons why the volunteers go out of their way to help.”
Opposite of suitable for or used on ordinary days
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“While drifting down the river, it is not uncommon to see all types of wildlife like goats, deer, armadillos, foxes, and even a rare glimpse of a Bald Eagle.”
Opposite of very commonly encountered or observed
“His presence may be rare, but his message has resonated within our community for years.”
Opposite of marked by having extensive life experiences
“They're too young, too inexperienced and, by the look of their work, unmusical.”
Opposite of widely known, especially in a positive way
Opposite of pleasant and amicable in nature
“The two hot-headed professors had a hostile debate about the reality and effects of climate change.”
Opposite of used in or suitable for everyday conversation rather than formal or official contexts
Opposite of recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge
“A half-hour to the south of this brook lay a little inconspicuous place, quite hidden away in a hollow behind a forest.”
Opposite of having no strong positive or negative features
“The politician's speech was dramatic and struck a chord with those who had attended his rally.”
Opposite of impudent or cheeky
(of cultural activities or products) Opposite of designed with the intention to suit the taste of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals
“Their activity sections are supposedly quite highbrow, but they still have lots of popular things to do.”
(of people) Opposite of unwilling to be separated
Opposite of behaving in a regular manner
“After almost an hour and a half had passed an unexpected electronic bleep disturbed the silence.”
Opposite of a person who frequents or visits a given place often
“I'm a newcomer here, so could you show me around?”
(obsolete) Opposite of a close friend
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
Opposite of a person who visits a place often
Opposite of having knowledge of a fact or information
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