What is the noun for held?

What's the noun for held? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A grasp or grip.
  2. A place where animals are held for safety
  3. An order that something is to be reserved or delayed, limiting or preventing how it can be dealt with.
  4. Something reserved or kept.
  5. Power over someone or something.
  6. The ability to persist.
  7. The property of maintaining the shape of styled hair.
  8. (wrestling) A position or grip used to control the opponent.
  9. (exercise) An exercise involving holding a position for a set time
  10. (gambling) The percentage the house wins on a gamble, the house or bookmaker's hold.
  11. (gambling) The wager amount, the total hold.
  12. (tennis) An instance of holding one's service game, as opposed to being broken.
  13. The part of an object one is intended to grasp, or anything one can use for grasping with hands or feet.
  14. A fruit machine feature allowing one or more of the reels to remain fixed while the others spin.
  15. (video game) A pause facility.
  16. The queueing system on telephones and similar communication systems which maintains a connection when all lines are busy.
  17. (baseball) A statistic awarded to a relief pitcher who is not still pitching at the end of the game and who records at least one out and maintains a lead for his team.
  18. Synonyms:
    1. grip, control, grasp, authority, fort, jail, sway, influence, power, fortress, jailhouse, pull, fortification, clasp, mastery, dominance, foothold, control, clout, lockup, understanding, stronghold, detainment, prison, footing, penitentiary, in communication with, detention, citadel, appreciation, in touch with, purchase, dominion, dominion, grasp, slammer, stockade, in contact with, grip, arm, castle, reign, stranglehold, brig, grip, clutch, clench, command, apprehension, grip
  1. Something that one owns, especially stocks and bonds.
  2. A determination of law made by a court.
  3. A tenure; a farm or other estate held of another.
  4. (obsolete) That which holds, binds, or influences.
  5. (obsolete) Logic; consistency.
  6. (obsolete) The burden or chorus of a song.
  7. (in texts about Russia, nonstandard) A holding company, or other kind of company (by back-translation from Russian холдинг (xolding)).
  8. Synonyms:
    1. possession, effects, goods, chattels, belongings, movables, gear, property, moveables, stuff, personalty, plunder, resources, paraphernalia, duds, things, doom, securities, possessions, investments, judgement, judgment, finding, assets, sentence, ruling, estate, bond, personal effects, share, stock, interest, investment, asset, personal property, farm, dominion, acres, field, capital, means, proprietar, home, house, buildings, freehold, premises, holdings, ownership, inheritance
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