What does style mean?

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  1. A manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one.
  2. Flair; grace; fashionable skill.
  3. (botany) The stalk that connects the stigma(s) to the ovary in a pistil of a flower.
  4. A traditional or legal term preceding a reference to a person who holds a title or post.
  5. A traditional or legal term used to address a person who holds a title or post.
  6. (nonstandard) A stylus.
  7. (obsolete) A pen; an author's pen.
  8. A sharp-pointed tool used in engraving; a graver.
  9. A kind of blunt-pointed surgical instrument.
  10. A long, slender, bristle-like process.
  11. The pin, or gnomon, of a sundial, the shadow of which indicates the hour.
  12. (computing) A visual or other modification to text or other elements of a document, such as bold or italic.
  1. (transitive) To create or give a style, fashion or image to.
  2. (transitive) To call or give a name or title to.
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