What is the noun for food?

What's the noun for food? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (feudal law) A right to the use of a superior's land, as a stipend for services to be performed; also, the land so held; a fief.
  2. (law) An inheritable estate in land held of a feudal lord on condition of the performing of certain services.
  3. (law) An estate of inheritance in land, either absolute and without limitation to any particular class of heirs (fee simple) or limited to a particular class of heirs (fee tail).
  4. (obsolete) Property; owndom; estate.
  5. (obsolete) Money paid or bestowed; payment; emolument.
  6. (obsolete) A prize or reward. Only used in the set phrase "A finder's fee" in Modern English.
  7. A monetary payment charged for professional services.
  8. Synonyms:
    1. charge, cost, price, payment, wage, salary, emolument, toll, pay, stipend, figure, remuneration, allowance, commission, tariff, account, percentage, bill, consideration, rate, handout, honorarium, freight, hire, ante, compensation, reward, amount, damage, sum, recompense, meed, dues, earnings, chunk, piece, slice, take-in, bite, handle, juice, take, price tag, end, rake-off, gravy, fare, house, cut, share
  1. Food for animals; that which is fed to cattle, horses, and sheep, such as hay, cornstalks, vegetables, etc.
  2. (historical) A load: various English units of weight or volume based upon standardized cartloads of certain commodities, generally around 1000 kg.
  3. (slang, drafting, design) Tracing paper.
  4. (figuratively) Stuff; material; something that serves as inspiration or encouragement, especially for satire or humour.
  5. (cryptic crossword) The text to be operated on (anagrammed, etc.) within a clue.
  6. Synonyms:
    1. food, rations, feed, provender, foodstuff, forage, tack, vittles, kai, provisions, straw, grass, grub, victuals, meal, corn, pasturage, feedstuff, silage, grain, hay, barley, animal food, animal feed
  1. (uncountable) Food given to (especially herbivorous) animals.
  2. Something supplied continuously.
  3. The part of a machine that supplies the material to be operated upon.
  4. (countable) A gathering to eat, especially in quantity
  5. (Internet) Encapsulated online content, such as news or a blog, that can be subscribed to.
  6. Synonyms:
    1. fodder, food, meal, repast, spread, banquet, forage, feast, dinner, pasturage, lunch, provender, silage, refection, mess, supper, menu, foodstuff, tea, nosh, kai, table, chow, regale, blowout, binge, collation, herbage, tuck-in, nosh-up, comestibles, scoff, feedstuff, vittles, grain, grub, barley, provisions, hay, grass, straw, corn, animal food
  1. (uncountable) Any substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life.
  2. (countable) A foodstuff.
  3. (uncountable, figuratively) Anything that nourishes or sustains.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. nourishment, eats, cooking, bread, meat, provisions, foodstuffs, cuisine, grub, fare, sustenance, subsistence, commons, tuck, groceries, edibles, dishes, rations, nutriment, chow, victuals, nosh, vittles, tucker, diet, mess, scoff, provender, viands, nibbles, eatables, comestibles, nutrition, stimulus, refreshment, shopping, scraps, inspiration, kai, chuck, meals, impetus, refreshments, pabulum, motivation, aliment, larder, solids, remainders, cookery
  1. An instance of giving food.
  2. (dated) That which is eaten; food.
  3. (dated) That which furnishes or affords food, especially for animals; pastureland.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. repletion, surfeit, glut, satiety, engorgement, filling, gratification, indulgence, saturation, completeness, fullness, overfilling, overfullness, plethora, satiation, slaking, superfluity
  1. (US, slang) a federal government officer or official, especially FBI and DEA agents.
  2. (London, especially MLE, slang) a police officer.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. patrolman, constable, policewoman, badge, bear, blue, bluecoat, bobby, constabulary, cop, copper, corps, detective, flatfoot, force, gendarme, heat, law, narc, officer, patrol, police, arm of the law, beat cop, black and white, finest, law enforcement, patrolwoman, peace officer, police officer
  1. (chiefly Scotland) The hiring of servants for a fee
  1. The feeding of an animal with fodder.
  1. Absence of food.
  1. plural of foddering
  1. plural of fed
  2. Synonyms:
    1. po-po, coppers, cops, five-o, heat, law
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