How to say fit in Turkish

What's the Turkish word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

Turkish Translation
More Turkish words for fit
uygun adjective
appropriate, suitable, convenient, proper, suited
formda adjective
zinde adjective
fresh, vigorous, hale, crispy, hearty
uymak verb
comply, follow, comply with, match, obey
uydurmak verb
fib, concoct, make up, fake up, cook up
hastalık nöbeti noun
oturmak verb
sit, sit down, be seated, take a seat, sit oneself
oturtmak verb
seat, place, mount, embed, set
uyma noun
compliance, respect, adherence, conformity, observance
layık adjective
worthy, worthy of, deserving, worth, fitting
yeterli adjective
enough, sufficient, adequate, ample, satisfactory
sağlıklı adjective
healthy, sound, wholesome, healthful, well
oturma noun
living, sitting, residence, stay, staying
yakışmak verb
suit, assort, become, befit, behoove
kriz noun
crisis, attack, bout, spell, acme
yerinde adjective
in place, in, appropriate, pertinent, proper
kapris noun
whim, caprice, whimsy, freak, kink
heves noun
enthusiasm, whim, desire, zeal, fad
yetenekli adjective
talented, capable, able, skilled, gifted
uygun olma noun
eligibility, suitability, accordance
yakıştırmak verb
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