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Now I am fit and raring to go, ready to give it my all against New Zealand at Ewood Park on Saturday.
Don't get yourself depressed searching for items of clothing that will fit you perfectly off the rack.
Most bolt actions will fit the cartridge without bolt modification and bullets up to.35 caliber can be fitted into some variation of the case.
One thing to note is that positions such as combatant and addorsed may fit our modern notions of symmetry by being mirror images.
During the subsequent backlash, he lost his rag and threw a total hissy fit, complete with flecks of spittle flying from his mouth.
He ran me ragged, back and forth across fields, up and down hills, and I realised through all the pain that I was finally becoming fit.
At the same time, the business has also been approached to fit safety railings and fencing at a site in Droylsden.
He's fit and trim in a slim-cut blue suit and handsome in a slightly jug-eared way.
If you scooted them all a few inches or so this way, you could fit both a pinball machine and a jukebox along that wall.
With a fine-toothed hacksaw, cut off as many tines as needed for the rake to fit between your plants.
The rooms are big and well equipped and the prices are usually low enough to fit the expense guidelines.
We have laws in this country to decide whether a couple are legally fit to adopt a child.
In June I set up an inclusion unit to deal with people who do not fit the drug treatment system.
In the Marines, he was a nobody with a silver bar, too junior to matter to staffers, too senior to fit in with the enlisted grunts his own age.
Her house truck with its zany adornments can be quickly converted to fit in with our image of a gypsy fortune teller's tent.
We had quite a discussion at the select committee about the issue of whangai, and how those people fit in.
I could possibly get fit enough to compete in Paris but I just would not be able to do myself justice.
A lifestyle that takes advantage of the health benefits of wine is proving to be a particularly good fit for women.
The graph window automatically sizes itself to fit the ranges of values of x and f that occur.
I can fit five or six bin bags in my wheelie bin, and I have a large family.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I had a vague belief that he was suffering from a fit or some form of convulsion.
A small American brig, which was not deemed fit to double the capes, and to come-on a stormy coast, was on sale.
It is not an easy problem to fit the compositional lines of a group into a circular frame.
Amelia Ramsey would have had a conniption fit if she had known that her precious boy was working out.
The funds so realized go into the coffers of the Church, which is fit and proper.
So dont have a conniption fit right off, because Ive thought it all out and I know just exactly what I can do.
Jim Barlow would have a conniption fit if he ever knew what Aurora Blank had said.
Do you see there is a slight, but distinct, contortion of the face, just as there was after that fit?
The plate may be made of cast iron with hardened steel bushes to fit the coned holes.
How happily do they all conjoin to fit this world for the exercise of our senses and our reason!
Saint Thomas says, Omnes cognitio fit secundum similitudinem cogniti in cognoscente.
Nutritionists know that a fit kelt is more likely to contribute additional offspring and promote the species' recovery.
But take it away, and all appropriation ceases, and a very pretty gallant charade remains, fit for any collection.
It isn't wise to have a conniption fit every time you lose a trick.
On the bank the Wildcat had launched into his third conniption fit.
That dog of yours, Carlyn May, will give Jimmy a conniption fit yet.
She said she almost had a conniption fit but Emma kept hold of her.
Now, dont work yourself up into a conniption fit, chuckled Neale.
Now Florence's mama hadn't a particle of taste, and Amy suffered deeply at having to wear a red instead of a blue bonnet, unbecoming gowns, and fussy aprons that did not fit.
Laurence laughed till they thought he'd have an apoplectic fit.
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