How to say round in Turkish

What's the Turkish word for round? Here's a list of translations.

Turkish Translation
More Turkish words for round
tur noun
tour, lap, circuit, rounder
yuvarlak adjective
circular, annular, rotund, orbicular, conglobate
boyunca adverb
throughout, along, all along, in the course of, livelong
etrafında preposition
around, about
çevresinde preposition
daire noun
circle, apartment, department, rooms, bureau
etrafına adverb
around, about
raund noun
çepeçevre adverb
all around, roundabout
çember noun
circle, ring, hoop, circumference, circuit
daire şeklinde adverb
halka noun
ring, link, circle, coil, annulus
açık adjective
open, outdoor, clear, obvious, light
tam adjective
full, complete, exact, whole, just
sert adjective
hard, rigid, harsh, tough, stiff
bütün adjective
all, whole, entire, every, complete
dönmek verb
return, return to, go back, revert, turn
küresel adjective
spherical, globular, spheric, globose, orbicular
dizi noun
sequence, series, range, set, string
yuvarlaklaştırmak verb
conglobate, round out
bu tarafa adverb
top şeklinde adjective
etrafında dönmek verb
circuit, revolve
dilim noun
slice, segment, sector, cut, strip
çekinmeden adjective
without hesitation, without reserve
şiddetli adjective
severe, vigorous, violent, intense, heavy
öbür tarafa adverb
yakında preposition
yuvarlaklaşmak verb
okkalı adjective
whopping, weighty, important
kesirsiz adjective
etrafını dolaşmak verb
walk around, circle, circumambulate, circumnavigate
etrafını dolaşarak geçmek verb
kesin adjective
exact, precise, certain, definite, final
kanon noun
tufan noun
flood, deluge, cataclysm, flooding, cyclone
yaylım ateşi noun
barrage, cross fire, drum-fire, salvo, sheaf of fire
birbiri ardına yapılan şeyler noun
yuvarlak şey noun
tamamlanmak verb
be done
etrafını sarmak verb
surround, beleaguer, environ, ring, ring in
konusunda preposition
about, regarding, concerning, as regards, touching
yakınında preposition
hakkında preposition
about, regarding, concerning, as regards, out of
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