What is the noun for stocks?

What's the noun for stocks? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A store or supply.
    1. (operations) A store of goods ready for sale; inventory.
    2. A supply of anything ready for use.
    3. Railroad rolling stock.
    4. (card game) A stack of undealt cards made available to the players.
    5. Farm or ranch animals; livestock.
    6. The population of a given type of animal (especially fish) available to be captured from the wild for economic use.
  2. (finance) The capital raised by a company through the issue of shares. The total of shares held by an individual shareholder.
    1. The price or value of the stock for a company on the stock market.
    2. (figuratively) The measure of how highly a person or institution is valued.
    3. Any of several types of security that are similar to a stock, or marketed like one.
  3. The raw material from which things are made; feedstock.
    1. The type of paper used in printing.
    2. Undeveloped film; film stock.
    3. Plain soap before it is coloured and perfumed.
  4. Stock theater, summer stock theater.
  5. The trunk and woody main stems of a tree. The base from which something grows or branches.
    1. (horticulture) The plant upon which the scion is grafted.
    2. lineage, family, ancestry.
  6. Any of the several species of cruciferous flowers in the genus Matthiola.
  7. A handle or stem to which the working part of an implement or weapon is attached.
    1. (firearm) The part of a rifle or shotgun that rests against the shooter's shoulder.
    2. The handle of a whip, fishing rod, etc.
  8. Part of a machine that supports items or holds them in place.
    1. The headstock of a lathe, drill, etc.
    2. The tailstock of a lathe.
  9. A bar, stick or rod.
    1. A ski pole.
    2. (nautical) A bar going through an anchor, perpendicular to the flukes.
    3. (nautical) The axle attached to the rudder, which transfers the movement of the helm to the rudder.
    4. (geology) A pipe (vertical cylinder of ore)
  10. A bed for infants; a crib, cot, or cradle
  11. (folklore) A piece of wood magically made to be just like a real baby and substituted for it by magical beings.
  12. (uncountable, countable) Broth made from meat (originally bones) or vegetables, used as a basis for stew or soup.
  13. A necktie or cravat, particularly a wide necktie popular in the eighteenth century, often seen today as a part of formal wear for horse riding competitions.
  14. A piece of black cloth worn under a clerical collar.
  15. (obsolete) A cover for the legs; a stocking.
  16. A block of wood; something fixed and solid; a pillar; a firm support; a post.
  17. (by extension, obsolete) A person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post; one who has little sense.
  18. (Britain, historical) The longest part of a split tally stick formerly struck in the exchequer, which was delivered to the person who had lent the king money on account, as the evidence of indebtedness.
  19. (plural) The frame or timbers on which a ship rests during construction.
  20. (plural) Red and grey bricks, used for the exterior of walls and the front of buildings.
  21. (biology) In tectology, an aggregate or colony of individuals, such as as trees, chains of salpae, etc.
  22. The beater of a fulling mill.
  23. Synonyms:
    1. lineage, line, descent, ancestry, extraction, family, supply, parentage, fund, reservoir, pedigree, reserve, blood, store, house, stockpile, background, inventory, cache, hoard, origin, birth, shares, repertoire, accumulation, strain, variety, cattle, beasts, race, pool, livestock, range, meathead, pigs, dunderhead, pinhead, stupid, blockhead, knucklehead, half-wit, dodo, wagons, schlub, birdbrain, goon, sheep, collection, chucklehead, fathead
  1. A soft garment, usually knit or woven, worn on the foot and lower leg under shoes or other footwear.
  2. A broad ring of a different colour on the lower part of the leg of a quadruped.
  3. A knitted hood of cotton thread which is eventually converted by a special process into an incandescent mantle for gas lighting.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. hose, sock, nylons, hosiery
  1. (plural only) A device, similar to a pillory, formerly used for public humiliation and punishment.
  2. (nautical, plural only) The frame upon which a ship is built, and from which it is launched.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. cucking stool, dividends, shares, instrument of punishment, ducking stool, pillory, bonds, punishment device, framework
  1. plural of stocking One or more pairs of stockings.
  2. Synonyms:
    1. nylons, pantyhose, tights, hosiery, hose, stay-ups, thigh-highs, leggings, knee-highs, leg coverings
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