What is the noun for rationalities?

What's the noun for rationalities? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The process, or result of rationalizing.
  2. A statement of one's motives, or of the causes of some event.
  3. A reorganization of a company or organization in order to improve its efficiency.
  4. (psychiatry) The concealment of true motivation in some non-threatening way.
  5. (mathematics) The simplification of an expression without changing its value.
  6. Synonyms:
  7. Examples:
    1. “The convenient rationalization that our weapons potpourri will confuse the enemy into fear of misbehaving is absurd and threatening.”
      “What was the rationalization behind Giorgio's conclusion that the pyramids were constructed by ancient aliens?”
      “The network of stores operating through license agreement also underwent a rationalization process.”
  1. Quality or state of being rational; agreement with reason; possession of reason; due exercise of reason; reasonableness.
  2. Objectivity, considerateness.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “His characteristic approach is to explain in very great detail, and with great rationality and infinite patience.”
      “What is the rationality behind your current financial goals?”
      “We must approach this sensitive issue with a fair amount of rationality.”
  1. An explanation of the basis or fundamental reasons for something.
  2. A justification or rationalization for something.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “The rationale behind Early Intervention was no more than blindingly obvious common sense.”
      “This provides a rationale for a hypothesis respecting adstrate development in the area.”
      “The criticisms of the law, and the absence of any satisfactory rationale justifies this course.”
  1. (religion) A liturgical vestment worn by some Christian bishops of various denominations.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The rationale behind Early Intervention was no more than blindingly obvious common sense.”
      “This provides a rationale for a hypothesis respecting adstrate development in the area.”
      “The criticisms of the law, and the absence of any satisfactory rationale justifies this course.”
  1. (mathematics) A rational number: a number that can be expressed as the quotient of two integers.
  1. (British spelling) alternative spelling of rationalization
  2. Examples:
    1. “The Government has accepted the need for rationalisation of the dairy processing sector, Agriculture and Food Minister Joe Walsh has said.”
      “The untold story here, however, is the rationalisation that has transformed the industry in recent years.”
      “The bail out comes with conditions relating to restructuring and rationalisation and follows two reports on the theatre.”
  1. the breastplate worn by Israelite high priests
  1. The condition of being rationalizable.
  1. Alternative form of rationalizer
  1. (archaic) The quality or state of being rational.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The parliament, who had by this time obtained a good deal of the rationalness of republican principles, paid no attention to these scruples.”
      “And what difference is there between the credibleness and rationalness of any of these wonders and the credibleness and rationalness of Papal infallibility?”
  1. One who rationalizes.
  2. Examples:
    1. “He is a first-class rationalizer, a casuist of rare accomplishment, and a truly gifted procrastinator.”
      “Fuller, the hired rationalizer for the Northern Virginia big shots, was on hand for the Cato panel.”
  1. (mathematics) Conversion to rational form
  1. plural of rationalisation
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Discussions on other asset divestitures and business rationalisations are ongoing.”
      “His supporters point to what they consider to be a moral clarity that has ended a lengthy period of fudges and rationalisations on crucial issues such as terrorism.”
      “Whatever rationalisations we give ourselves, we may justify our role as Instrument of Betrayal by devaluing the importance of the already existing bond.”
  1. plural of rationalization
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “All kinds of rationalizations for my failure come to mind, apparently designed to protect my ego.”
      “We have an innate tendency to avoid pain, and therefore we are apt to conjure up rationalizations that justify our behavior.”
      “Rand cuckolded her do-nothing spouse in front of his face and with long, tedious rationalizations with which she forced him to agree.”
  1. plural of rationaliser
  2. Examples:
    1. “Don't go calling one of those brutal lifestyle rationalisers who will insist you throw out anything you haven't worn for a year, or going on a panic-induced spending spree.”
  1. plural of rationalizer
  2. Examples:
    1. “For their part, rationalizers preferred minimal requirements to optimal ones.”
      “It could have been invented for some other purpose, and then commandeered by the rationalizers of slavery.”
      “On these and many other questions, rationalizers changed their minds.”
  1. plural of rationality
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The purpose of Gould's effervescent new book is to eulogise the distinctive rationalities of story-telling and other non-scientific ways of thinking.”
      “Given the relative success of the scientific enterprise it would seem that particular rather universal rationalities have been selected for.”
      “I examine the concept of evidence and Lin's competing rationalities within the context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.”
  1. plural of rationale
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Yet, in that familiar paradox Freud makes his own, our drives have their own ineluctable logics and rationales.”
      “Still it is very interesting to see all the various excuses and rationales in one place.”
      “But other reasons and rationales exist for adopting and strengthening an historical perspective.”
  1. plural of rational
  2. Examples:
    1. “Note that it is known that the boundary complex of a simplicial polytope has the WLP over the rationals.”
      “Topics follow the order of whole numbers, fractions, integers, rationals, and reals.”
      “Each continuous function from the real line to the rationals is constant, since the rationals are totally disconnected.”
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