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Western rationality and pride in democracy can seem an intolerable, parochial conceit to those whose lives have been so violently disturbed.
There was a deeper concern about the rationality, not just of the actors in the process, but of deterrence as a whole.
But at least the television ads bring a touch of unpolished rationality to the broadcasts.
I admit it, freely and adultly, with full cognitive rationality, and I suppose I'd beat myself up if that wouldn't constitute overkill.
There's a sad lack of rationality here, and it's become pointless to try to reason with the ranters.
When persons achieve perfect rationality, they accord with the rational order of a universe ruled by divine reason.
They make decisions with rationality and reason with each other through dialogue.
The murkiness and partial rationality of shifting, renegotiable settlements are the vices of politics that legalist liberals seek to preclude.
We saw in the discussion on organizations as psychic prisons that rationality is potentially a form of repressed sexuality.
Judicial review of administrative action usually examines the lawfulness, procedural fairness and rationality of a decision.
So much of claimed rationality is in fact androcentrism masquerading as value-free objective analysis.
The rationality that Anglophile observers attributed to the British was not always evident to Britons themselves.
Is it possible to reconcile a belief in divine revelation with Enlightenment rationality?
Critics have gone too far in undermining fields of philosophy such as metaphysics and central concepts such as rationality.
True, the apparent freedom and rationality of the human will may prove an illusion.
This section began with a question about the relations among Kantian views of autonomy, rationality, and agential separateness.
Instrumentality, rationality and technocracy supplant the heroic, stripping away place, history, bodies, time.
Sofi is the story's manic pixie dream girl there to provide the pulsating literary Old World heart to Karen and Ian's just-the-facts rationality.
Foucault inspired subsequent critics of psychiatry, of varying degrees of scholarliness, rationality, and clarity of exposition.
In their bodiliness, images make men desert rationality in favor of base instinct.
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If any rational function be changed The fundamental theorem in regard to the rationality group.
Surely, he continued, as we are images of God we must know that God is the perfection of rationality.
The theory of rationality is the one at present accepted in political science.
We cannot, with any pretence to rationality, accept the verdicts of both the neurologist and the exorcist.
The truth has no concern with appearance, but is answerable only to the test of rationality.
Rationality untempered by wonder, and wonder untempered by rationality, are both problematic.
It should be noted that stress of rationality is not equivalent to inconsideration of practices or to inflexibility of interaction.
There is nought to urge against its rationality and its utility.
Animality corresponds to our bodiliness or materiality, while rationality corresponds to our soul or spiritual dimension.
Why, mademoiselle, is it possible that anybody with a grain of rationality should feel enthusiasm about a mere name, and that name England?
Finally, I shook the thing, hoping to recall it for a moment to rationality.
Don't you see, Chris, that there is rationality in the very doubt?
Consequently, the attitude of domestic workers regarding the different types of migration policy is based on experiential rather than anticipative rationality.
It did not accord with the rationality of plan, the moderation in expense, or even the unselfish warmth of heart, which she had believed herself to discern in him yesterday.
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