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This finding can be rationalized by considering the actual charge of the heme core excluding the propionates.
Takeovers of car companies are always rationalized on the basis of finding new markets for the struggling company's vehicles.
But the system was rationalized and improved by Alfred's successors, and under Eadgar it emerges clearly in its developed form.
The commission rationalized this system, explaining that other transportation networks already charge variable rates for use at peak hours.
As production becomes rationalized and routinized over time, the skills and hence high wages of the city labor force become unnecessary.
The tortuosity of the porous network is rationalized in terms of the ultrastructure known from electron microscopy.
Increased spending on NASA throughout the early 1960s was rationalized as an investment in beating the Russians in the space race.
All of those can be rationalized or ignored by people who are now going over every syllable Cindy Sheehan utters.
Actions are rationalized on the basis that the ends justify the means.
While custom tailors sold individually fitted suits and other personalized apparel, they increasingly rationalized the production process in order to reduce basic costs.
Also, few modern regulating structures exist and the systems need to be rationalized to eliminate duplication or resources and increase the irrigable area.
Based on this information, the differences in the dynamic properties between the two rubredoxins investigated here and in previous reports can be better rationalized.
Family relationships were systematized, rationalized, codified, and ritualized sufficiently to be employed in a variety of productive enterprises of small and medium scale.
As the prison system is rationalized and restructured through each of these individual decisions, it's clear that the prisoners themselves are just pawns.
Among other uses, the activity coefficients have successfully rationalized the copolymerization of sickle hemoglobin in mixtures with nonpolymerizing agents.
In a convention that extends to infinity the rationalized powers of human attention, no atrocity need remain unexplained, no mystery unsolved, no mistake unrectified.
Stoics presented explanations of the gods and heroes as physical phenomena, while the Euhemerists rationalized them as historical figures.
First, we educators need to reject the canon that computers are magnum opi whose limitations should be rationalized and overlooked.
Under the Tudors the English state was centralized and rationalized as a bureaucracy built up and the government became run and managed by educated functionaries.
The committee rationalized the seeding of the three Valley schools on the basis of head-to-head competition rather than the traditional method of strength of league.
Examples from Classical Literature
After all, he rationalized, plastics are notoriously unstable under certain conditions.
He, moreover, assured that the state subsidy for some commodities would be rationalized not abolished.
According to details, freight trains are being increased to earn more revenues and tariff is being regularly rationalized to attract more passengers.
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