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And so men are stereotypically the upholders of a false reason, because in this society they are powerful so they need some sort of rationale.
I can never understand the rationale behind some of the things that women do these days.
But it actually is ushering in a new rationale for the media's scandal mongering.
The managing directors and the senior management group from head office assembled to explain the rationale of the business planning model.
Well, 35 years ago today, NASA gave the world's dreamers and schemers a ready-made rationale for anything.
The rationale for this schizoid behavior is that it's necessary for promoting a coherent media image.
Visible choices on divestments or acquisitions should be seen to fit with this rationale.
Therapists should of course avoid a spiritual rationale with clients disinclined toward a theistic worldview.
The ethical rationale of the fast is to teach self-discipline, humility, and empathy with the poor.
The old rationale for bearing with mere authoritarians has crumbled away with the passing of the expansionist Marxist-Leninist totalitarians.
Her efforts are bent toward finding a truer, more complex rationale for the character's pain than the script's menopausal musings.
The President does not need to repeat the rationale behind his decision to raise fuel prices.
The SPCA's rationale for microchipping cats is, that those that are lost could be reunited with their owners.
This is surely the rationale of the UN campaign to increase the public's awareness of microcredit.
From 1992 there appeared to have been no report to the committee of the town clerk's salary or the rationale for it.
The primary rationale for this principle is that the writing represents the most reliable record of the parties' latest agreement.
One rationale behind the buying spree was to be able to offer different products to different market segments.
This provides a rationale for a hypothesis respecting adstrate development in the area.
We had completely lost track of this rationale by the time a boatload of them turned in July this year.
The likely rationale must be that the company sees the fixed line telecom business as a potential cash generator.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In his impetuosity, we find the rationale of much that is peculiar in the style of Dr. Chalmers.
Paul's Christology is but the rationale of the vision that led to Paul's conversion.
Here are observations which could easily have reinforced Franklin's deistic rationale.
This is the rationale of the common process by which lactic acid is obtained.
It was said that the Oxford movement furnished the rationale of the reaction.
Yet I could contact no other rationale around me as far away as I could probe.
Is it not possible to forget the fact too much in discussing the rationale of the process?
Throughout the book the order of presentation is the experiment, rationale, and remarks.
The rationale for the search of biomarkers of vulnerable plaques seems sound.
Following this rationale, if the Arabs have been modernized then their national identification is supposed to strengthen.
Kentucky Senate President, Robert Stivers gave an explicitly sectarian rationale for the measure.
The rationale for sending students for tuitions is to provide opportunities to those who are weak in certain subjects to catch up.
I leave it to the wise to decipher the rationale, but such is the fact.
Forest Service summarizing their rationale for re-initiation of consultation, which includes the recent sighting of an ocelot in the general study area.
I have said enough to convince you that ciphers of this nature are readily soluble, and to give you some insight into the rationale of their development.
As a rationale for this task, participants were speciously told that their selections would help the program to choose appropriate targets for a later task.
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