How to say grasps in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for grasps? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for grasp
agarrar verb
grab, grip, catch, hold, seize
la comprensión noun
understanding, comprehension, realization, savvy, sympathy
comprender verb
understand, comprise, comprehend, include, perceive
el alcance noun
scope, reach, range, extent, purview
el asimiento noun
hold, seizure, grip, handgrip
entender verb
understand, realize, comprehend, get, believe
los agarro noun
grab, hold, grip
las garras noun
claws, jaws
asir verb
grab, grip, seize, take, catch
el entendimiento noun
understanding, intellect, mind, comprehension, rapport
el control noun
control, check, grip, checkpoint, restraint
el apretón noun
grip, squeeze, clasp, pressure, clutch
coger verb
take, catch, get, pick, pick up
el enfoque noun
approach, focusing
aferrar verb
furl, grapple
apretar verb
tighten, press, squeeze, clench, pinch
empuñar verb
wield, take up, grip, clutch, clench
estrechar verb
narrow, tighten, tighten up
la capacidad intelectual noun
apoderarse de verb
seize, take possession of, grip, come over, possess oneself of
oprimir verb
press, oppress, squeeze, hold down, compress, grind
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