What is the opposite of heart?

Need antonyms for heart? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of deep awareness of the suffering of another, usually coupled with the wish to relieve it
“The engrossing series is a searing reminder of man's capacity for unimaginable acts of inhumanity against fellow man.”
Opposite of courage or enthusiasm, especially in the face of adversity
“That was a display of cowardice more than anything else, a bullying tactic carried out by some low-life with a weapon who would never know what it meant to be truly in charge.”
Opposite of the vital part or essence of something
“Welfare is no longer an auxiliary to the ongoing economic life of the people but has become almost their total economic existence.”
Opposite of the central or innermost part of something
“One by one, they began to rain down on the earth, shining brightly in a glittering dance before they faded at the edge of the world.”
Opposite of one's innermost thoughts, feelings or desires
“Despite her apparent utter hopelessness and isolation, she puts on a front for her former lover.”
Opposite of the quality of being game
Opposite of the central aspect of something an argument or consideration
“As a sidenote, I want to mention that this is no contradiction to McLuhan's famous statement.”
Opposite of a place or component that is central to something
Opposite of the general idea, intention or meaning of something
Opposite of the principal aspect or dimension of something
“This distinction remains on the surface of the problem and does not contribute much to an understanding of the differences in the social development of feebleminded individuals.”
Opposite of by which something is made or how it is supposed to work
“It was by some random luck that we were able to find each other again after twenty odd years.”
(reasoning) Opposite of a person's emotional, visceral self
“Her advice was freely given and was always based on common sense and sound reasoning.”
(brain) Opposite of a person's emotional, visceral self
“My heart says to buy the house, but my brain is telling me otherwise.”
Opposite of sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others
“Many of the world's ills can be traced back to society's general indifference for their fellow men.”
Opposite of one's deepest thoughts and emotions
“Although he has a quiet and humble demeanor, the captain has a fierce competitive streak and leads by example.”
Opposite of the state or quality of being munificent or generous
Opposite of the emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with difficult or distressing situations
Vulnerability can be a curse in a hostile environment.”
Opposite of the nature or essence of a person
“His body can no longer endure the rigors of this brutal sport.”
(the thick) Opposite of the most active or crowded part of something
“He walked into the room and felt dispirited when he saw the idleness of his students.”
Opposite of the quality of being determined or having a strong will
“In this vacuum of uncertainty and irresolution, business and investment decisions have been delayed, put on ice, or canceled altogether.”
Opposite of general or basic truths, concepts or ideas
(internet slang) Opposite of to love or be fond of (something)
“I absolutely hate this color combination of mint green and black colors that has been trending of late.”
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