What is the opposite of drops?

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Opposite of to fall down or to a lower level, especially abruptly
“I felt excited when the plane began to rise towards the sky.”
Opposite of to drip or dribble down vertically
“The drillers eventually figured out that the gas pressure was often the mechanism that would cause the oil to gush from the ground.”
Opposite of to abandon or discontinue (a course of action or study)
Maintain your focus and do not lose sight of your ultimate goal to become the world champion.”
(holds) Opposite of to let go or release one's hold of
“Please hold the handrail as you descend the stairwell to avoid falling and injuring yourself.”
(lifts) Opposite of to let go or release one's hold of
“Please help me lift this heavy table and move it into the living room.”
Opposite of to make or become lower, weaker, or less
“We were forced to increase the price of our services to keep up with inflation.”
(associates) Opposite of to stop associating with
“I was forced to associate with Nathan when he friended me on Facebook.”
(retains) Opposite of to stop associating with
“A good workplace culture will allow you to retain your talented employees.”
Opposite of to place or leave something at a given place or location
“You can collect the car once servicing has been completed.”
Opposite of to make reference to or speak about briefly or in passing
“She would withhold information about her informant in order to protect his identity.”
(of a person or animal) Opposite of to sink to or towards the ground
“She willed herself to stand for the ovation following a brutal match with her opponent.”
Opposite of to die or collapse from exhaustion
“To survive the intense heat and overcome his opponent showed great resilience on his part.”
Opposite of to slope, lean or sink downwards
“You could sit atop a hill and observe the monuments that rise above the rainforest canopy.”
Opposite of to knock or bring to the ground
“As a sign of good sportsmanship, he extended his hand to help his opponent back to his feet.”
Opposite of to omit or exclude (someone or something)
“The coach decided to include David as part of the squad that would represent the country in the World Championships.”
Opposite of to hand over or expend as payment
“Eva decided to be frugal and save her cash for a rainy day.”
(sports) Opposite of to fail to win (a point or a match)
“Nadal will dominate this match if he continues to win in those close rallies.”
Opposite of plural for a small round or pear-shaped portion of a liquid
“These tarts would be perfectly matched with a dollop of whipped cream.”
Opposite of plural for a small amount of something, especially a liquid
“You need to drink a lot of water to quench your thirst.”
Opposite of plural for a fall in amount, quality, or rate
“There seems to be a rise in criminal activity around our neighborhood.”
Opposite of plural for an abrupt or steep fall or slope
“I had to stop riding my bike after realizing that the incline was too steep to continue.”
Opposite of plural for the more favorable condition or position in a contest
“I was able to work him over for a victory because his greatest disadvantage was his speed.”
Opposite of plural for the relegation to a lower level, league or division
“Our goal is to win as many games as possible and constantly aim for promotion within the league.”
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